What if Eve had a Separate server for European s?

It would reduce the ping/server tick 1Hz garbage issues so then we could have moee TWITCHY-based pvp elements because everyone would be on same side of the ocean.

Its A FACT that most Eve players are AMERICAN just like most things in life, yet we AMERICANs are forced to SUFFER low ping rates from european servers due to foreigners.

Plus they could fix TIMEZONE TANKING cuz wach server would have same timezone.

Not sure about Australians but dont think that they are actually a significant percentage to even matter or base decisions about.

Guess they would probably be on the euros server though.

Well i dunno …


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I’d settle for a separate server for trolls.



You ignorant mong

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Why not?

1: Logistics. EVE has a really shiny computing cluster running it.

2: I have friends from nearby and across the oceans. So do some other people. So… if the game shards by region, communities break up.

And, 3: A lot of not-hisec is already really, really dead. Fragmenting the community like that would mean 3 copies of really, really dead (edit: not-)hisec.

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The login data seems to indicate that your facts are wrong.

What? Thats afternoon-early evening NEW YORK time.

We work strange hours if we even work at all here in America so we are home playing durimg that time.

Just because its 6pm in British time doesn’t mean its not HIGHNOON New York time dude.

Isnt that TEA TIME? We play eve and DRINK COFFEE at 12pm!

If EVE had a separate server for Europeans then it wouldn’t be a single shard game anymore now would it?



If my father, a man in his 70s, can figure out how to watched blacked out sports games by routing his IP through London, anyone could.

Having region specific servers is pointlessin this day and age. It is far to easy to convince a network you are in whatever time zone you want. People would use this to get any advantage they can and there would be no regional servers, just those where people claim they are in that region.

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Way to break up one of the major attractions of Eve, the single shard universe.

With the exception of China due to legal restrictions, we all play in the same universe and we all affect others with our actions (or inactions); the OP’s suggestion goes against the very ethos, and design, of Eve.





how about no.

I want serenity to close and thous player sot integrate with the rest of us. none of this regional server garbage

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I think the only reason there is a serenity server is because CCP is complying with the Chinese government standards to allow them to be able to legally play eve without affecting other players. I am betting if it was not for that hurdle, that they would have probably never made a separate server for Chinese players in the first place.

Now whatever those regulations were, I have no idea.

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straight up wank.

Yep, the Chinese government doesn’t want its people to mix with us foreign devils because they might get strange ideas.

And they’re right.


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EVE is a unified Universe. We all fly, fight and die together.

Do not believe for a moment what your true attempt to start with this thread is hidden, as subtle as you think it was.