What if EVE Online was FUN?

It is trivial to avoid people coming into your sites and killing you.

See I can do it too.

Abyssal space = Themepark (CCP sets the experience)
Wormholes / Player Sov = Sandbox (Players set the experience)

Eve is a hybrid of Sandbox and Themepark.

That is fine, it suits multiple player styles and expectations.

Other MMO’s do that with PvE and World vs World instancing.

If you want to increase your player count, you do need a themepark based design in part.

Also lots in Eve can be “simplified” as some things are outdated (abandoned) and can be either removed or reduced in complexity. The side effect of this is easier accessibility and less monotonous knob twiddling / time wasting and more fun.

More unique items, in other words, random generated non-fungible modules such as Abyssal mutaplasmid dice rolling. That adds fun and it also makes it more customisable and personal.

Games are suppost to be fun, not joblike and not having to be using multiple accounts in the double digits just to play.

The odd thing is Eve rewards you for logging out and not playing the game by background skill training. Other MMO’s booster effect timers only work when you’re in the game thus continue for the duration of actual game playing time, and you get XP (SP) by actually doing things in the game, as rewards. Other MMO’s reward playing the game. Eve rewards idleness.

Also, disband and dissolve the CSM.

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No, you cannot. While it may be trivial to get out of a site or anom if someone comes into local, you have to always check if someone does or if someone is near you that could come into your direction. You can’t just go into an empty system, get a deep save and then farm unfindable and uninterruptible.
You also cannot farm the income of Abyss space with the same tools. A Gila in Abyss earns hundreds of millions per hour while it does not do the not even remotely the same in k-space. Or have you ever tried to use a Sacrilege or Vagabond for ratting?

The ease of farming in Abyss space makes this entire feature a plague for the game. And now people even started to complain about the rare imba rooms with no counter and how unfair this is. While the entire feature was meant to be like this all the time. It’s comical. :joy:


If you think this will save you…

You are far to generous. It’s not just Abyssals. Everything here is set in stone by the developers. Abyssals, missions, belt rats, basically everything that spawns new items. Nothing sandbox about it.

When it comes to PvE, we have got nothing to brag about to other MMO players.

All we got over the others, is PvP and items getting destroyed.

Take your generic fantasy MMO and do NOT let the players respawn with their sword and shield anymore and remove some PvP-restrictions and you get all the “sandbox” (not sandbox) we have in EVE (provided the players keep playing of course). Player markets, crafting, demand for cheap gear, groups fighting over grind spots… everything could come alive.