What if every item had a code number?

If every item has a code number, I think it will be easy and convenient to find items in the market. I think this will also provide an opportunity to use the Excel program provided by CCP more efficiently. Finding items one by one can be inconvenient and lag can be tiring.

Also, it seems like you can easily find things on third-party application market webpages.
( Of course, this is done under the premise that a third-party application provides a code number service. )

In fact, many markets in reality conduct transactions through unique numbers or codes. Because it is efficient and convenient for some people.

So, I suggest assigning a code number to every item in the Eve Online market system.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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itemid has been a thing forever
here’s the orders for item 32670
the ids are available through API, dont have details
you can also copy an item link ingame and paste out of game [02:56:03] Nicen Jehr > <url=showinfo:31670>medium projectile burst</url>

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Thanks for the good information. :smiley:
I think it would be convenient to be able to use the itemid in the in-game market as well.

Is it, though? No one remembers the item code. It’s certainly not more convenient than typing “Gauss” or “Proph” or “EMP S” in the market Search box to find what you are looking for.

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All items in all video games will have a unique ID, in it’s most basic form it’ll be a unique field in a database, probably called something like ITEM_ID which may or may not be the primary key; I always use the ID as the primary key.

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As you said, I also think that the item code may be inconvenient for some people. thank you.

Thank you for leaving your comment.

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