What if: Navy variation for Logi Frigates

was thinking on how cool some of the logistic frigates look in the game and well we have faction versions of logistic cruisers so i said, why not finding a niche for a navy variation of them?

-Inquisitor Navy Issue:

“following the popularity of missiles on the new and redesigned drone ships produced by the empire, the Amarr Navy envisioned the creation of a new missile frigate to serve as complement to their Slicer and Crucifier patrol fleets. the Navy Inquisitor is a callback to its original design as a missile platform with updated systems brought up from Caldari and Khanid engineering along with the armor improvements brought by the Navy Augoror research team”

Amarr Frigate Bonuses per lvl:
20% bonus to rocket and light missile damage
10% bonus to armor hitpoints

3 highs (3 launchers)
3 mids
4 lows

350/650/550 (Shield/Armor/Hull)
other attributes consistent with the regular Inquisitor but improved to Faction standards.
no drones.

-Bantam Navy Issue:

“seeing a lack of long range support amont their frigate roster, the Caldary Navy decided to issue the development of a new frigate to balance out the cases where the Hookbill and the Griffin couldnt get the job done. a variation of the recently redesigned Bantam showed promise thanks to sporting new launch and precision technologies that were previously only found on larger vessels like the Caracal and the Raven”

Caldari Frigate Bonuses per lvl:
5% bonus to Rocket and Light Missile Launcher rate of fire
5% bonus to Rocket and Light Missile Explosion Radius

5 highs (5 launchers)
4 mids
2 lows

700/550/550 (Shield/Armor/Hull)
other attributes consistent with the regular Bantam but modifiet to match Faction standards.
no drones.

-Navitas Navy Issue:

“following the reports of a new long range frigate being developed by the Caldari, the Federation Navy formed a project to develop a new hybrid turret platform capable of shutting down targets past the usual blaster ranges while being fairly mobile. the Navitas was among the different hulls put into the voting selection, being chosen both for its mobility and due to its unique aesthetic. thus the NN or ‘Nana’ railgun platform was born”

Gallente Frigate Bonuses per lvl:
20% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret optimal range
10% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret damage

4 highs (4 turrets)
3 mids
3 lows

450/675/700 (Shield/Armor/Hull)
20m3 Dronebay, 10 Mbits/sec Bandwidth
attributes consistent with the regular Navitas but improved/balanced up to Faction standards.

-Burst Fleet Issue:

“as rumors of the Amarr building a new and sturdier frigate with a much more precise weaponry turned true. the Republic Fleet rushed to the best engineers around to find a new ship capable of standing up to it in case the Firetail was too nimble. the Burst wasnt among the initial ships proposed for the project and was just a joke thrown during the meeting but the Sebiestor engineers took it as a proper challenge. the BFI follows on the footsteps of the once so popular Rifter with a good mix of range, defense and firepower along with space for a lone drone to serve as companion”

Minmatar Frigate Bonuses per lvl:
15% bonus to Small Projectile Turret falloff
15% bonus to Small Projectile Turret Damage

3 highs (3 turrets)
3 mids
4 lows

10m3 Dronebay, 5 Mbit/s Bandwidth
675/700/500 (Shield/Armor/Hull)
attributes consistent with the regular Burst but balanced/improved to match Faction Standards (or the rifter)
stats could also be based on the Rifter, just in case.


It seems just ship creep to me.

If anything logi is done there is no covert ops logi in the game.

T3 cruisers

At best you have a gimped covert logi you can’t fit both logi modules and the covert module.

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