What is considered an exploid?

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I was scammed yesterday and inexperienced me fell for it…

The situation: I wanted to buy PLEX and got an offer from a aliance mate. The contract was done via an alt and it was PLEX in a can (this is where alarms should have gone of but i did not recognize it). Payed the contract but no PLEX was added. Can did not appear in personal asses folder (after several tries) and on arival in the system where the can should have been there was only a wreck of the station left.
My geass is that the station was in abondoned state, it was blown up, and the can was retrieved by the scammer. Pritty good planned scam i have to say.

My question is now: In my opinion they used an ingame mechanic (lagg time between payout and assets appearing in personall assets folder) to pull it off. Could this be seen as an exploid? Because the lagg time is not mentioned anywhere to my recolection and if the assets where available right away i could have used asset safety to move my stuff.

Thx for anyone who can shed some light on the matter.

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Is anything targeting CCP an expoliod and something between players always fair play?

See https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us/articles/204873262-Known-Declared-Exploits


Ingame scams are allowed.

Interesting scam, using a can in an abandoned citadel. I wonder if they did get the loot or whether it was blown up.

Anyway, next time someone tries to trade you plex in a shady place like a can in an unknown structure - don’t take it.

So, use cans at a known structures like Jita Trade Hub?

It is mentioned right there in the personal assets screen:


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No idea if you can verify the contents of a can in a contract, but at least you know Jita 4-4 won’t blow up and get looted any time soon.

You can force it to update by changing session, such as undock and redock or jump system.

Sure. Doesn’t change the fact that an upper bound is explicitly mentioned in-game, contrary to OP’s recollection.

wow… did not no that… thx

As Gerard said, in game scams are allowed, with a few exceptions. For example, you can’t scam newbros in rookie systems, can conduct any scams around Plex for good, can’t ask players to buy plex with cash as part of the scam (but can scam them for plex that they had already bought), and can’t scam on the character bazaar.

Anyway, you might want to check out Eve University’s article on the subject in order to reduce your chances of falling for other types of scams.

Also, since he was an alliance mate, you should report him to one of your diplomats or corp leadership. Of course, some groups tolerate scamming alliance mates, it is typically frowned upon. So, his corp leadership might try pressuring him to make things right, or kick him for being a turd. In fact, some guys intentionally put alts in their enemies organizations in order to awox, spy, and scam. So, you might even be alerting them to a traitor in their midst.


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thx for the reply. I did not know the 5min lagg thing making the scam legid. scammer was infiltrator and got kicked. turned in a very hard lesson for me… but yea already replaced i would say… only missing 5.5b…

That’s the EVE spirit, learn from your mistakes / experiences and carry on, you will come out stronger in the end.


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