What is DNCR-02 Filiment?

It is listed as a reward for the snowball thing.

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If I understand correctly it’s a free trip to Null. My question is… is it a one way trip?

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This is Eve, if there was one that returned you to hisec you could be certain that it would drop you in a hisec island…

Of course it is not just a one way trip...

You can always podexpress home :wink:

It will jump you and a certain # of fleet members near you to a random system in null. Get in an empty pod and a cheap ship then see what happens! It will not take you back so unless you want a long trip home it is a one way trip likely.


Is it a random trip or we can chose the system in range of the filament ?
If, it is random this is practically a joke :wink:

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It is no joke, it is gambling, gambling is no joke. :crazy_face:

With me , to joke is to gamble with your life :gangsta:

Why ?

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