What is Inside a Triglavian Ship?

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So, Aria is now in possession of a Vedmak-class Triglavian cruiser, and planning to give a walking tour of the interior. Problem is, I don’t have a clue what would be there and would prefer not to get my canon wrong.

A sketch by a dev would be most welcome. Failing that, let’s quasi-canon it up!

Looking at the ship, a few possibilities come to mind.

  1. Ghost Ship (it’s empty)

The Drifter battleships, despite their size and power, apparently have an (anthropomorphic) crew of exactly one. (CCP appeared to endorse this account back when ARC ran an op to board a Drifter ship and recover its pilot, leading to the Drifter autopsy incident.) Triglavian ships could be the same. Certainly they don’t seem to have a lot of windows, though that might be because the Collective doesn’t tolerate such structural weaknesses. In this case, any corridors in the ship are likely to just be for maintenance access and there might be no living spaces at all.

  1. Bioadaptives Oh My!

The ship looks like a normal vessel on the outside but actually either is extensively equipped to bio-mod its own crew on the fly or merrily mod itself in various ways as needed. (But in this case, why is CONCORD letting me build this weird thing if they’re worried about me getting contaminated in a T4 or 5?) At the extreme end, the ship could be basically a colony organism of which the pilot, when in residence, is the brain, and the interior could get remarkably … gooey … despite the hard-shelled exterior.

  1. These People Are Strange

Playing off 2, the ship requires a full crew complement, but is designed presuming a crew that isn’t “normal crew” in the way we’d normally use or understand the word. Some stations (maybe even the ship as a whole) might require tolerance to extreme conditions: heat, cold, G forces, gravitational distortions, hard radiation, exotic materials, and more! Others might need persons of unusual dimensions: unusually large or small, like an entire fire control section that can only be crewed by persons with dwarfism or a station requiring an armspan of at least two meters. Medical sectors might be scattered throughout the ship and equipped for bio-modifying crew as needed given a few minutes. However, one imagines that these facilities have been disabled by CONCORD to prevent us from biomodding our crews into chinchillas (which someone would, because: capsuleers), which means that our actual crews are having to jerry rig solutions to some interesting problems.

Whatever the truth, my character is presently merrily exploring her newly-constructed ship’s secrets and is going to need to have some good IC answers, and not only to the above questions but also the aesthetics and peculiarities of Triglavian interior design.



Whatever else you discover, I’d suggest taking a couple of friends with you. Obviously everything is better in three’s.


Given they are built by us for us… Why would they be very different to a normal ship?
Not so exciting I know.
There would be some unique stations relating to the weapons system at the least though.

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It’s a ship built by us, for us, using an unmodifiable stolen Triglavian schematic and materials recovered from the Abyss … and some of our own.

Heck, it’s still showing its Triglavian markings.

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First of all we have to keep in mind that the ships we are using are capable of connecting with the capsule technology so this means one of two things:

  1. They have been modified by us to allow the capsule to work, a bit like how most of the other ships in the game works. There are the baseliner versions and there are the stronger capsuleer versions.
  2. They are already capable of using capsule technology, which means the Triglavians have it as well. This would further emphasise their Jovian connection.

I find the first explanation more likely but with the current amount of information we got on triglavians we can’t really rule any of them out.

I must say that I find your first suggestion the most likely. The Triglavians already have acess to advanced AI technology through their use of Rogue drones. Likewise they may have an analogue to capsule tech. Having ships that only require one pilot would also make sense if the Triglavian Collective is a faction that is small in numbers, thus not being able to risk too many lives on their ships. The Tech 3 ships are already only crewed by the capsuleer so this will not be the first case where capsuleers don’t need crews on ships larger than destroyers. And likewise the tech 3 ships are based on technology from ancient civilizations.

If they require more crew then it’s most likely that our modified version will be able to be operated by normal humans, and will be staffed just like any other ship in New Eden.


I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out that our capsule technology is compatable with the Triglavian vessel control interfaces, but not native to them. This may well mean capsuleers need some crew on board to assist, where a Trig capsuleer may not.

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I think the lore is a bit hazy with this stuff - I’ve gotten the impression that the ships are modified for capsuleer use, despite supposedly them dropping from Triglavian caches. So the player operated ones are not the original Triglavian ships.

As for what they are inside, I somehow imagine them as rather cramped and that bulk of their space is dedicated for singularity generation, containment and energy manipulation equipment, considering the ship bonuses.

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The lore is a bit hazy, yeah. It did seem like they weren’t originally capsule equipped but could be readily adapted for one, meaning they put in a “tank” somewhere? (It’s not like the capsule’s much larger than a closet, and not even necessarily the walk-in kind.)

Agreed on the “probably cramped and utilitarian.”


Hmm. I don’t think it’s much anywhere to scale but isn’t the capsule like 12 meters tall, at least? Considering it does have its own warp drive and thrusters.

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If you looked at the capsule in the captain’s quarters back when we had them, it’s barely big enough for your character-- and isn’t, standing up straight. As for the thrusters and warp drive: Jove tech. Go fig.

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Yep, but that’s the thing, I don’t think the CQ one was made to scale. IIRC if you open up the preview window in the game it’ll say something like 8-12m long axis.

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This video shows a guy getting loaded into a Pod, and it’s not much bigger than he is. Like an egg shaped Coffin, really. Or like the Pod things they had everyone in in the Matrix movies.

As for the Trig ships in general, I agree that these are not very heavily modified versions. When we first got Wormholes, we invented T3 Cruisers based on Sleeper technology. Those were human constructed ships that just happened to incorporate new technologies.

But the Trig ships are the same Trig ships you fight. They’ve got the same hull designs, power sources, weaponry, even the alien language written on the hull. The only difference is incorporating a Pod interface (assuming they weren’t Pod Pilots already themselves). And for all we know, that may be no more than some USB cords plugged into whatever they consider a Motherboard. =)

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I don’t think there is a crew or room for a crew on board the ships have no lights for cabin windows or whatever. If you look closely there’s quite a few exhaust vents on the outer hull of each ship to keep the singularity engine in check.
It’s likely any space that could’ve been used by a crew is taken by conduits funneling radiation to the outer hull.Any crew would have to be small in numbers and they’d probably wear those radiation suits all the time.Space inside would be very limited don’t expect luxury and comfort or rather even humane conditions for any crew.

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Well, it’s definitely true that what we’ve seen of the Triglavians suggests that they live under pretty extreme conditions. The ship being a profoundly worker-unfriendly place (absent a bunch of extremophilic biomodding) definitely scans.

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Finally got to check it in the game itself, it says 4m long axis so a pod is 4 meters long. Could’ve sworn it was bigger, but guess not.

Do they really? I also checked what went into building them, and if we treat the blueprints as holy gospel, nothing particularly interesting goes in them beyond the couple of exotic materials from the Abyss. So given that we don’t even really understand how these ships work, could it be we stuff just the best technological equivalents we know into them, not actual Triglavian powerplants?

Ugh, this is the part I hate about these supersecrittechnology-derived ships lorewise, we don’t really know how they work but we can build them and they just work. :man_shrugging:

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Just think of the blueprints as a fancy form of CNC production, inputs in, product out. Any old chump can load the materials hoppers without knowing how to program the BP. And to the Trigs we’re the chumps.


While presumably the workings of the ship are identical, I’m not sure there’s any reason parts of the interior couldn’t be modified (with jury-rigged controls, especially since the original interfaces would use their language) to be more comfortable for normal crews, if they do indeed need crews.


We know they had crew. The news reports tell us that. And we know they had human origins at the very least. Again ccp released.


What I think you will find is no crew at all. What could be found in place of the crew is the same bio-material that clones are created from.

Instead of metal circuits you might find circuits made of clone material, basically the goo, that would allow for much faster transfer rates of orders from the consciousness of the Pilot to the ship itself.

What is a clone?

It is merely a circuit path way that the Capsuleer’s mind is transferred into. A clone is much like a computer, useless until you start giving it directions. Simple directions such as typing text.

The scope state that both the crew and the ship have been secured. So it has to be runned by more than one person.

I think it more that the ships run on skeleton crews say 5-15 for a Damavek (random numbers I know) each of the crew members is a specialist in the field in his/her job… like saying. The repair person is outfitted or modded to do their work to a 100% or the person that keeps the singularity engine online and stable is fitted with both clothing and gen/cybernetic to operate it.

As for the capsule integration of the ships, I think its very possible that we have built them to be able to fit a capsule, like we do with every other ship that is made by capsuleers. I also think that after we build it… it becomes a “ghost ship” as we have taken control of the functions that before required crew. Plus baseliners don’t have the skills or gens to operate it