What is Love?

Just asking,…

When he brings me a chicken sandwich and a raspberry lemonade!


…Or are we talking about something else?


baby don’t hurt me…


…something you don’t see in the forums…

Working on CHT systems.

Its that feeling you get when you see the killmail

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That’s not love, that’s lust! :smirk:

No lust is looking at the ship wanting to see it explode, love is making that happen :stuck_out_tongue:


The edaters disagree…

We all have our opinions! :wink:

Lust is making that happen, love comes in the afterglow.

:stuck_out_tongue: And make sure she lets you breathe when you do that! :smirk:

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To love is to suffer long…

I’ve suffered ganking, being outnumbered, ship loss, corp theft, betrayal, because of my love for Eve still I go on.

When you love someone in real life, you tolerate a large amount of their issues/problems…suffer long.

Getting a Pithum A-Type Multispectrum Shield Hardener from your Guristas DED 6/10

Fundamentally it’s about brain chemistry. Nothing more, nothing less.

Namely, your brain’s central dopamine and mesolimbic dopamine pathways. Added into this mix are elevated levels of the hormones vasopressin and oxytocin.

Norepinephrine and serotonin are also involved via their neuromodulatory effect on dopamine and oxytocin release. Lastly, trace amines (eg: phenethylamine and tyramine) are also in the mix as are testosterone and estrogen.

Lastly, the effect of individuals who have recently fallen in love show higher levels of cortisol, so the old aphorism that love hurts is in fact actually true, well a bit anyway.

Source: Biological basis of love.


Love? Is overheated Void from a Vindicator at 0.

Lol. That is like saying a conversation is just sound waves in the air. This completely ignores all the complexity and actual content on top of it.

He explains far better what I mean:


That’s an entirely fair comment @Karak_Terrel.

For what it’s worth, I was writing with my tongue slightly wedged in my cheek, taking an apparently simple question to a silly state of explanation if you like.


Ultimate bamboozlement.

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