What is my ping?

I pressed ctrl + shift + alt + m and got this screen. (2021-04-05_22-31-00) Is my ping 172? That seems kinda high. It’s in two lines so not sure if I’m reading that correctly. And what’s EP Ping?

There is really not such thing as ping in EVE. Data between client and server are exchanges at 1s intervals (1 tick rate) instead of many other games that use 64 tick rate or even 128 (informations are exchanged 64 or 128 times per second). So unless your connection delay won’t exceed 1000ms. Technically there is no lag. Think of EVE as turn based game but with infinite turns.

Also, the servers are based in London IIRC. Your ping might depend of your distance from there.

Take that with a grain of salt though.

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