What is Neutral States?

Is this a renters type coalition? Was just wondering, thinking of returning to game.

The neutral states are every null alliance which is not part of a coalition, https://www.verite.space/maps/coalition/coalitioninfluence.png
Renters are neutral but don’t hold sov so they don’t show up on the map. Alliances which do show as neutral states on the map are those which hold their own sov in null.

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No one likes stain, i see.

Not great space to some needs. And can sort of like be a bermuda triangle. Ships can get lost and you jsut don’t know why or how lol. You fly it like you everywhere else…but crap jsut happens lol.

I recall back in the day it was about as fun to roam as drone space. That is to say…not very.

Looks like the pandas are taking over.

The neutral states better be careful. Pandas might start putting piles of sand between solar systems and claiming that it makes them the owner.


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