What is pushing skill injector prices

Hi guys , what is pushing injector prices last 2 days. am I missing something

The two common sources that Iā€™m hearing are:

  1. South Korean players entering the game for the first time, looking in Inject, and

  2. Players stocking up in Skill Injectors in case CCP re-introduces the ā€˜Absoluteā€™ Injection Augmentor booster from last year (the one that lets you inject Skill Injectors for the full amount with no penalty).

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when did the Koreans join ā€¦have been away from the game a while and just coming backā€¦thanks


Koreans. I have made a killing thanks to them. I think I will retire now. A boost of around 2600% in sales due to them thots.

My grandpa said the same thing.

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