What is the best amarr battlecruiser fitting for hunting relics and combat sites in nullsec?

I am going to start hunting nullsec combat sites, and I need a good
ship and fitting to do it with. Does anybody have any
recommendations for doing this? I can fly battlecruisers right now,
but I need another 6 days to get gunnery 5 done for battleship
weapons. Should I just get an Abaddon and hide my heron in it, and
wait for combat sites, or is there a good battlecruiser option?

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What is the best typeface to use on the forums?

I use the <pre> and </pre> tags for formatting. I can space
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Also, it turns the font into monospace.

I cannot imagine why nobody else does this.

They probably don't know HTML

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One of the biggest parts of my question is: can I launch a heron
from an abaddon, scan stuffs, and get back in the abaddon, without

Since you decided to not accept default formatting and fix formatted the line lengths to be wider than the display I can not read your question. So won’t bother answering it.

In the same way you don’t know how to communicate.
Please don’t confuse “knowledge” with “wisdom”. All you are doing is childishly waving your ignorance for all to see.

(Before you whine: I can think of half a dozen ways to find out what you have written. I just can’t be bothered.)


Is this better? I actually added line breaks so you can see the entire question, it just didn’t look that way to you. I formatted this one to have the smallest possible font size, they just disabled most of the style options.

Firstly, you didn’t need to add breaks - the default just word wraps correctly for the screen size (I am reading this on a mobile device).
Secondly “smallest possible font” means I can’t read it without my glasses. The default is right for me without needing to rescale it.

The default works - that’s why defaults get chosen.

I really ought to follow @Xeux’s lead: call your behaviour out and ignore you. Stupidly I care because I don’t like seeing some with possible talent throwing themselves away before they start.

And, yes, I know HTML. I was hand-building it from (probably) before you were born, definitely before CCS was a thing. It’s nothing terribly clever. It felt quite crude at the start, but has improved.
But then I cut my teeth on TeX/LaTeX.

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit.
Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.
(It’s an old line, but relevant).


This guy takes shitposting on the forum to a new level, i am actually impressed.

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Did you try your idea? What are you currently using? Keen to know what your experience was!

Haven’t had the isk to buy a battleship yet, but I think I will get a nestor for my first battleship when the time comes.

Never fly what you can’t afford to lose.

First BS as pirate BS, especially when have isk just to buy one is really dumb idea.


I can understand wanting a Nestor - they’re pretty things. I’ve not flown one, but as a heavy exploration ship they make sense. Except that it has no Covert Cloak, and is an expensive gankable target.

The downside of setting your heart on something expensive is that loosing it will really hurt - both financially (that’s a 450m+ ISK hull, and emotionally. And that will change the way you use it.

If you want a scanning combination, a battleship with a scanning T1 frigate in the bay is an option, but always find somewhere safe before you step outside. Another player can just roll up in a cheap ship and steal your empty battleship while you are distracted scanning anomalies.
A safe spot is not near anything - drop a bookmark while warping between two obscure points. It’s worth making good safe bookmarks is the systems you regularly visit.

As an Amarrian pilot I’d be tempted with a Apocalypse/Magnate pair. Range and tracking bonuses on Energy Turret ships equate to better application and damage from the guns.

A Harbinger is a good starting point among battlecruisers - it has a spare high slot, normally for a command burst, but could be used for a core scan probe launcher.

Nah, it’s really not. But I saw you already stopped trolling us, so let’s get back to your questions.

As you want to use battlecruisers and battleships in NullSec, I can safely assume you’re part of a big alliance, and your space is somewhat safe. Also, since you mentioned the Abbadon, you’re probably somewhere with Blood Raiders or Sasha, so that’s a good choice in that specific case, too.

  1. Your frigate bay is an escape bay, so using the Heron to scan would only work if you’re willing to sacrifice your Abbadon every time. Also, probes and modules aren’t on the list of allowed frigate cargo, according to the frig bay feedback thread. So even if you’re willing to self-destruct your battleship every time you want to go scan a new site, this will only work if everything you need (probe launcher, probes, modules etc.) is already fitted and ready. Forget just one thing, and it won’t work at all.

  2. You could use the Abbadon for scanning, if your scanning skills are high enough (probably not), but the Abbadon is one of those annoying hulls without free highslots, so either you need to refit from a mobile depot all the time or just give up one of your guns forever. Have fun!

  3. I suggest using a Prophecy with drones, as you can easily spare some highslots here for stuff like scan probe launchers. Also it’s a battlecruiser! Alternatively, use a Gnosis, it’s even bonused for scanning. And has a low align time, in case you want to stray outside of your safe, cozy alliance space.

Hey, now that I think about it, both the Gnosis and Praxis are ideal for what you want to do! And hidden bonus: CCP spammed them so much at us, they’re astonishingly cheap for being essentially special faction ships. Just use those two instead.

Where does this myth come from that you cannot eject into your frigate? It is wrong.

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I’ve only read what CCP wrote about this, and found it a bit confusing to be honest.


Of course now that I’m using the forum search instead of Google, I immediately find a dev posting about this. Yes, you can indeed eject from your battleship into your frigate!

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