What is the difference scramble or disrepute

what’s the difrance

The first difrance is that Warp Scramblers turn off MWDs while Warp Disreputors do not.
The second difrance is that Warp Scramblers have a higher strength (removing more points from a target’s warp core stability, if that one falls to zero you cannot warp away), but a shorter range than a Warp Disreputor.

All Questonios answorad?


What are MWDs?

micro warp drive

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microwarpdrive is WAY faster than afterburner
but if you use a warp SCRAM in them they stop like @Syzygium said
so a scram is important for pvp else the mwd player control the range

for example a blaster fir ship wants to be CLOSE to you , he turns the MWD and approach , you scram , and get out of his range while your beam lasers /rockets /whatever still hits

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so is this good for a sniper fit?

not really
because the SCRAM have less range than the disruptor
usually ships that attack from far away 25km + (kitting ships) fit MWD , DISRUPTOR… the idea is to be fast and stay out of any other ship range , if they caught you you are screwed

but there is one archetype called SCRAM kiter that use afterburner , web , scram , because they attack at like 12km , and can control range to be out of BRAWLING range 0 km( a small blaster for example do huge damage at 0 km) … so you kinda kitte inside scram range, even if the enemy CAN hit you at 12 he probably will use a LESS damage ammunition to do so, so you win

there is fits that use both scram and disruptor

real SNIPING SHIPS shot 100km+ probably out of scram or disrupt range

@Syzygium explained well use my info for more advanced stuff if you are thinking to PVP

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okay how do snipers keep players at one spot then

real sniper ships ( ex a ganker tornado ) use for example artillery (the bigger alpha damage weapon in the game)
they don’t really keep a target in place
they destroy the target so quickly denying the chance to warp off

or they work with other faster ship to make the target stop while they hit

okay how do people find good fits

go to zkillboard and copy some fits
youtube to

see the problem with that is that the only ship fits you can see are the ones that died

That doesn’t mean that the fit was bad. It just means that the other one was better in that particular fight.


search for guys that have A LOT of kills
even if the ship died the fit must be good
them you can compare the same ship fit with others

also search for EVE SOLO PVP videos on youtube , there is awesome ones

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Every ship in EVE tends to be destroyed eventually, no matter how good their fit might be - there’s always a bigger fish or a larger group out there :slight_smile:


Look at the ratio of kills using that ship to deaths. Look at what killed it, look at what it kills… there is an element of Rock Paper Scissors to pvp.

For instance imagine you have a MWD thorax even with a passive tank/battery you need to be able to keep a prop mod running and your guns to keep your transversal where you want it. If I have a vexor with a rack of neuts and a web I can orbit you make it hard for you to track me and neut out your guns and your prop.

I try the same vexor against a stabber very speedy whose guns can keep firing to infinity and whose prop mod will last a lot longer as it’s the only thing using cap my vexor will not likely outlive him.

Here are a couple youtube channels that have PvP-related content that may help understand better.
I’d recommend to start with Sabre SG and Blights Wretch.

  • Blights Wretch YouTube Channel lots of lowsec PvP in mostly small ships with lots of explanation. If you want to understand the meta, this is highly recommended.
  • Sabre SG YouTube Channel. On this channel you can literally watch a pilot grow and learn new skills. While the first videos feature fittings and decision-making that may not be optimal, Sabre SG quickly reached a point where you can take away some good lessons from his engagements, especially as a new player.
  • eveiseasy YouTube Channel by Suitonia. A lot of videos about PvP and mechanics in general. Learn how to sling-shot here!
  • Feathering/Spiraling shown by Amelia Duskspace – very useful when flying kity Wolfs or Retributions in nullsec.

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