What Is The First Corporation In Eve Online Called?

What Is The First Ever Corporation In Eve Online Called ?

i’m a bit itchy about replying, because googling “the first corporation in eve online” answered the question and i am a firm believer that people who can’t even google simple stuff themselves shouldn’t be encouraged to keep asking easily researchable things.

Anyhow, i’m having a good day today.

your answer is somewhere in here: https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=164213


i’m a bit itchy about replying, because you are probably so young that you think google has been around for ever and is the answer to life the universe and everything.
But before google (1998) there was web forums where people could ask questions and people would answer them them the best they could, without sounding smug or telling them to go google it themself.

Google is not God and Google maybe knows everything, but finding it can take longer than asking the professionals (as we must assume people in here are), so please act like a professional and just answer the man, if you know the answer.

Also, Google is NOT uniform across the globe and gives different answers to a query depending on the country you live in, so don’t assume that everybody else gets the same search results as you.

This is my result from the query “the first corporation in eve online” at Google
(no country redirect)

No! I dont want to join a new corporation.

3 pages of it before I stopped looking.

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If you’ve really been using the internet that long, then you should know how to modify your search terms.



And for the record, Google is, indeed, God.


:smiley:And the first Alliance in new eden is…

Ushra’Khan [UNITY]

We’re always recruiting.


it made me laugh how some poster in here assumed my age.

also, wow, U’K still exists! How did you guys not die out? :smiley:


The question was not if I knew how to find the right answer on google, the question is how do you respond, in a helpful way, to other peoples questions. In that progress I just pointet out, that asking the other person to go google “the first corporation in eve online” would actually not give the answer.

BTW. Your LMGTFY did neither on my PC

But funny enough did on my Phone.

Which sort of prove the point I was trying to convey in my response to @yellow_parasol.

A website that clams to knew the truth, that “Google is God” but can’t even get Googles motto right. Right!?
And Google still can NOT give the right answer to the search query “What was the first corporation in eve online?” even though the question is an easy understandable, grammatically correct sentence / question.
It cant even give the answer to OP’s question “What Is The First Ever Corporation In Eve Online Called ?”.

First of all, understanding parody a bit more than you apparently do would do wonders for your ability to see the humour in my “Google is God” post. Secondly, there is definitely not enough Deus Vulting going on for this much white-knighting for the OP, especially considering that the first response wasn’t just “google it”, it also provided some actual answers. You are hyperventilating over nothing. Have some juice.


i completely forgot that search results can vary and admit that i’ve made a mistake in that regard.

What doesn’t change, though, is that it is in fact a question answerable by google. of course the answer doesn’t necessarily have to be visible in the search results directly, though. clicking links and looking for it is a necessity in almost all cases when someone looks for an answer.

that’s what i did. i found the answer and posted the link that contains it. I insist on people learning to fish, instead of handing them fish. if they’re handed too many fishes, they will always expect others to fish for them. just like the op. that there are personalized search results doesn’t change the fact that the answer can be found simply by trying harder.

if i had had ill intentions, i wouldn’t have posted the link, btw, and if the OP isn’t capable of looking through said link himself, then he doesn’t deserve an answer in the first place.

Being helpful doesn’t mean to give people fish. that’s the opposite of being helpful. it breeds dependency on those who actually know how to fish. spciety as a whole benefits from people being able to fish themselves. and, of course, not all questions are equal, but the easy ones are easily noticable as such.

hell, that i have to explain my POV, so others understand and stop throwing fish around, is rather worrysome.


I’m sorry.
I didn’t know you was a funny man. My bad.

Sometimes parody / humor / irony get lost in translation on the internet. The way it is.

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The funniest thing about this LMGTFY epidemic people are getting, thinking that answering a simple question on the internet won’t help other people and just make them lazy, is that the answer to @Paulus_Plain question is found in a Eve Online forum post, where a person was asking the exact same question as OP did.

Just think if the first replier then had answered with a “google it yourself” type of answer, insted of actually taking the time to answer the man.

Google today, would not have been able to give you the answer either.
Google is depending on information. Information we help provide it, by sheering information among one another. Sometimes by answering “stupid” questions on the forums.

So insted of being “the lazy one” try to help Google become better by answering the question.
Here Let my do it for you.

According to @chribba (a pretty reliable sources)
The first corporation in Eve Online is Game Masters and C C P
The first player corporation is Caldari Inquisitors which was formed 2003-05-07

Next time people wont have to google so hard to find the answer (if it’s correct), as there is now two sources.
Just by taking the time to write an answer, containing actually information, to a “stupid” question on the internet.


Okay mate, climb down off that high horse and calm down. Did you have that juice? It really will make you feel better.


you completely ignore the most important part of this equation:

the more people get ask for easily researchable answers, the less likely they will google things themselves. the more people learn to actually do it themselves (like adults, ya know), the more likely your scenario will actually come true.

you’re kind of off-topic regarding “self responsibility” and “independence”. and that’s what this is actually about:

the fact that giving people fish makes them dependent and that those who hand them the fish are too short sighted to see the fact that they are making the situation worse for everyone else. LMGTFY isn’t an epidemic. the epidemic is “dependency” and how people grow up in an environment that keeps handing them what they need without them doing anything themselves. that breeds self entitlement.

tldr: while “google it yourself” is a bad answer as is, giving the answer directly is even worse. it is better to piss off someone who puts no effort into it, than to feed his self entitlement. if he gets angry, then all he does is exposing his immaturity and inability to act like a self responsible, independent adult. and remember that we’re talking about simple things here, not quantum physics.

anyhow… as ccp officially caters to these people (that’s as clear as fresh water), there’s nothing that can be done anyway except trying to make a bit less bad. vOv


We could always go completely hands off and just observe, then gamble on what they do next.

Yeah, if it wasn’t for those who keep people dependent.

Why would we? We win EVE every day, the warzone is still ours. :smile:


I’m sorry. I don’t compute.

Why do you want more people to do it themselves?
Why do you want more people to move to google?
Humans is a social animal and socialising is what binds us together in our society.
Is it that you are uncomfortable with this social interaction?

If all humanity become self dependent, as you are calling it, what would that do to our society?
I have not been raised to see others like a dependent disease, if they need my help. I’ve been raised to offer my help to others where its needed.
But that’s probably have something to do with the society I grew up in.

A forum is a place where people come to meet around a common interest and socialise with people they feel they have something in common with.
If you push people away from that social interaction, you push people away from the forum.

When people come in here to ask a question, they (well most of them) don’t come with the intention of being dependent. They come of interest and the intention to learn more about the same topic, in which you have an interest in. They come to socialise.
If all they meet is a “do it yourselves” attitude, all they will learn is that people in here aren’t really interested in being social about their interest and will, to all intents and purposes, probably move to Google.
Congrats. You won that battle but you kind of lost the war.

I’m going to end this conversation here cause I can feel you are lost in the notation, that if people comes to you for advice, but you feel that that advice is to easy to find elsewhere, those people are just immature and incapable of acting like self responsible, independent adults, and therefore should not get your advice, as that will just make them lazy.

If this is the way people think today, all I can do is pray for humanity.

When you don’t take yourself too seriously.

It sounds like someone needs to learn how to distinguish between personal responsibility and social responsibility. No one is required to answer your questions for you just as no one is required to wipe your bum once you’re done on the toilet. Sure, humans are a social species, but not everything we do has to be a social experience. How we depend on one another is contextual, and you don’t get to use ‘we’re social’ to demand anyone else conform to your personal expectations of social participation.


I love how an honest question about the history of EVE online has devolved into this crapfest,