What is the least populated station you have ever been to?

Been thinking back on my career lately, and in particular places I have been to. While Jita 4-4 has its own charms, I found a quiet place far removed from politics it seems. Stou IV, Moon 1, the Nurtura Plantation. I have no idea what the place is like now, but when I visited, it was as far removed politically as you could get.

For example, the Concourse A food court in that station was nearly deserted, save for station personnel. It almost seemed like the station was running with a skeleton crew at times. I found it the perfect place to relax though, during my 2-week stay there between missions. I also loved spending time in the food production domes, which reminded me of the forests I used to explore as a kid.

Due to the proximity of the system to an island of lowsec, Amoderia, they occasionally got the odd Serpentis pilot who seemed to have a deathwish, as they were immediately blown to pieces by the station guns.

Great place, if you like peace and quiet.

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I grew up for some years in Atgur, on a tiny asteroid mining base doubling as a stairway exit. It was busy in my unmarked girl’s mind, but I now realize when I was running the dockside concourse, it was mostly empty, and that every ship coming in was the event of the week.

Those were simpler times.


Several years back I made a [Translator: spirit walk, pilgrimage, voyage, path to nowhere] to the Great Wildlands. There was this one little station mantained by one of the local Thukker caravans, a sort of outpost for travelers. There was ever only a handful of people there at any given time.

Great place to think and reflect.


No idea! I generally haven’t had access to baseliner population numbers.


A raiding base established inside an outer heliosphere comet within a Sinq Liaison system during the Independence War. It was just the twenty-four members of my Kestrel squadron and fifty-one technical and engineering staff.

I lived on that base for over four years. Probably some of the best and worst years of my military career.


I had cause to stop at the Imperial Shipment Storage facility in Lela a few months back. I swear I was the only person onboard save for the few members of the cleaning crew at that time. It was almost ghostly. I got some food from a vending machine and spent the night in my cargo hold. Maybe I missed the work crew, but I’d never seen anything like that before in my life.


CONCORD Stations in Egbinger and the Civic Court stations in Hophib.


A station in Gt-t5v in Delve. Sometimes I am the only capsuleer docked, and everywhere is empty. At other times, it is very busy, with hundreds of ships docked.

The contrast is eerie.

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remember that, just because there is no capsuleer, does not mean there is not other non-capsuleer.


Well yes, but also the amount of non capsuleer traffic has similar large peaks and troughs.

When there’s a low in both, that station is eerily quiet.

Unlike other stations which are less busy at peak, but more consistent.

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