What is the new ore refining formula for Athanor and Tatara citadels?

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but there still a difference large cite < small cita with same rigs the small gives more bonus as the large also wheres the 2% diffference structure bonus ?

so my t2 rigged small gives me ~87.5 with max skills + imp in 0.0 beside that the large on with t1 rig gives only 86%

so the t2 rig gives +2% more as the t1 so theoretical the large cita must give more yield as the small

Going back to my post above, we have the math for a Tatara with T1 rig.

51 * 1.04 (Tatara) * 1.12 (NullSec) = 59.4048

So now let’s look at T2 Athanor in Null…

53 * 1.02 (Athanor) * 1.12 (NullSec) = 60.5472

The rig difference has a larger impact than the structure bonuses. Is that what you are trying to confirm?

For confirmation I decided to put up a Tatara in Highsec on SISI to test out the Reprocessing Yields, and here are my finding:

Refinery Reprocessing Formula:

BY = Base Yield
RM = Rig Modifier || Tech1 is 1 == 1% and Tech2 is 3 == 3%.
StM = Structure Modifier || Athanor is 0.02 == 2%, Tatara is 0.04 == 4%.
SeM = Security Modifier || Lowsec is 0.06 == 6%, Null/WH space is 0.12 == 12%
R = Reprocessing Skill level
RE = Reprocessing Efficiency level
OP = Specific Ore Processing Skill level
IM = Implant, which comes in 1%, 2% and 4% or 0.01, 0.02 and 0.04 respectively

  • Base Yield = BY = (50 + RM) * (1 + StM) * (1 + SeM)

  • Character Processing yield Formula: BY * (1 + (0.03 * R)) * (1 + (0.02 * RE)) * (1 + (0.02 * OP)) * (1 + IM)

NOTE: Security Modifier only apply if Rig is installed

I hope this makes sense to my fellow capsuleers, just for good measure I will give a few screenshots as documentation (Left: HS Tatara with no Rig, Right: HS Tatara with T2 Rig):

Tatara with No RigTatara with T2 Rig


Awesome! This is the best so far, thank you!

that means its better to place a small with t2 rigs as a tatara with t1 rigs 87.5 t2 small vs 86 t1 large :slight_smile: so a large one is absolutly crap exept better defence but thats never legit for the 80b t2 salvage for a t2 rig

It’s all relative to the amount of customers you have and what sort of tax you have placed on reprocessing service, on a short term basis T2 rig will never be justified, however in long terms it could possibly be justified. Lets say that you have 0.5% tax, this means that you will have to reprocess ore volumes with a cumulative value of 16k billion ISK along with the 240 billion ISK value to cover fuel costs, so to make profit from Reprocessing Ore alone there will have to pass an equivalent of 16.24k billion value of ore through your Structure per month. Well that’s with services offered being: Market, Moon Drill, Reprocessing, Cloning, Composite Reaction. :sweat:

And how much does a Rorqual mine per hour? I bet it is not nearly enough :sob:

T2 Athanor is a go cause it is not so expensive while T2 Tatara is aimed for major alliances who can hold their sov and spend huge money on such structure.

In nullsec you just need to refine 4.7 trillion worth of ore to make up the difference (1.7% gain) - Delve mines 3x this per month. So grr goons.

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