What is the point of Expedition Frigates V?

I saw that level V offers a slight mining bonus, but nothing to gas harvesting, which is the point of expedition frigates.

Because the Prospect is my main ship right now, I am training it to V just because I can’t think of anything else worth training up, but it seems there is not much point in it.

What is the point? Also, what are some other useless skills that are pointles to train to V?

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It reduces your signature radius, which makes you harder to scan and harder to lock.

I once had someone explain to me about Tactical Shield Manipulation V being almost a detriment, something to do with the resists profiles being good / better when you start to go from shield to armor, and when you have it trained to V, there’s no blend of those resists? Someone more articulate might be able to explain that better but it’s the first one off the top of my head.

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The bleed-through only happens when your passive tank is failing. If you can shunt some of the damage to your armor layer, it gives your shield’s passive regen a chance to catch up. The amount bleeding through is very unlikely to result in the loss of your ship.


Outright impossible to scan under the right circumstances even. :innocent:

A Nestor could probably still manage it.

I have it at level 5 on my miner.

The Prospect may be for gas harvesting, but the Endurance is specialised in Ice mining. And it gets another 5% reduction in cycle time (and reductions every added 5% is relatively stronger than the previous one!) so for the Endurance this skill is definitely worth it to get to 5 eventually.

For the Prospect the reduced signature radius means you can more easily tank rats with speed/sig tanking, which is pretty useful as you have no drones to defend yourself. The mining bonus is nice too if you want to use it for ore rather than gas.

Reduced sig radius, as Xeus already mentioned, makes it harder to scan you down with combat probes which could be really useful when you’re in a wormhole refitting to huff gas.
Reduced sig radius also means it takes enemies more time to lock your ship, so you have a better chance to get away before someone catches you at a gate/wormhole/gas site.

I agree, for a gas huffing Prospect the bonus is less significant than if you were an ore mining Prospect or an ice mining Endurance. But it’s useful nonetheless.


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