What is the **unknown** faction?

What is the unknown faction in Eve that is based in New Eden system?

PS> Get-EveFactions|where {!$_.corporation_id}                 

description          : Unknown
faction_id           : 500021
is_unique            : False
name                 : Unknown
size_factor          : 0
solar_system_id      : 30005286
station_count        : 0
station_system_count : 0

PS> Get-EveSystem -SystemId 30005286

constellation_id : 20000773
name             : New Eden
planets          : {@{planet_id=40334264}}
position         : @{x=-2.84886891804123E+17; y=-3.59242561727866E+16; z=-6.57202938477802E+16}
security_status  : 0.260553807020187
star_id          : 40334263
stargates        : {50013345}
system_id        : 30005286


Looks like spies to me.

Well, they’re the only ones without a corporation and are based in a key lore system.

PS> Get-EveFactions|select corporation_id, is_unique, name, solar_system_id                                                                                                  

corporation_id is_unique name                                       solar_system_id
-------------- --------- ----                                       ---------------
       1000084      True Amarr Empire                                      30002187
       1000127      True Guristas Pirates                                  30001290
       1000131      True The Society of Conscious Thought                  30002423
       1000274     False Drifters                                          30005286
       1000120      True Gallente Federation                               30004993
       1000138      True Angel Cartel                                      30001045
       1000128      True Mordu's Legion Command                            30002005
       1000287     False Rogue Drones                                      30005286
       1000149      True Jove Empire                                       30001642
       1000134      True Blood Raider Covenant                             30003088
       1000162      True Sansha's Nation                                   30001868
       1000298      True Triglavian Collective                             30005286
       1000137      True CONCORD Assembly                                  30005204
       1000148      True The InterBus                                      30005203
       1000135      True Serpentis                                         30004623
       1000297     False EDENCOM                                           30005204
       1000123      True Ammatar Mandate                                   30000001
       1000129      True ORE                                               30004504
                   False Unknown                                           30005286
       1000413      True Association for Interdisciplinary Research        30005305
       1000035      True Caldari State                                     30000145
       1000156      True Khanid Kingdom                                    30003863
       1000163      True Thukker Tribe                                     30000905
       1000051      True Minmatar Republic                                 30002544
       1000146      True The Syndicate                                     30003271
       1000130      True Servant Sisters of EVE                            30001978
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These factions all exist in New Eden system.

Unknown is the curious one.

PS> Get-EveFactions|where {$_.solar_system_id -eq 30005286}|select corporation_id, is_unique, name, solar_system_id

corporation_id is_unique name                  solar_system_id
-------------- --------- ----                  ---------------
       1000274     False Drifters                     30005286
       1000287     False Rogue Drones                 30005286
       1000298      True Triglavian Collective        30005286
                   False Unknown                      30005286

Perhaps if anybody has an archive of old universe data with faction tables, we could figure out of it’s just an old entry or a new entry for an upcoming faction? When did it first appear in the data?

Who would be fighting [SARO]?

I filled in the ID’s with the actual names to make the factions clearer…

PS> $evefactionfull|select @{N='Corporation name';E={$_.CC_name}},@{N='Faction name';E={$_.name}},@{N='System name';E={$_.S_name}},@{N='Constellation name';E={$_.C_name}}, @{N='Region name';E={$_.R_name}}|Sort-Object -Property s_name|ft

Corporation name             Faction name                               System name     Constellation name Region name
----------------             ------------                               -----------     ------------------ -----------
Amarr Navy                   Amarr Empire                               Amarr           Throne Worlds      Domain
Republic Fleet               Minmatar Republic                          Pator           Sveipar            Heimatar
Trust Partners               Thukker Tribe                              M-MD3B          730-KH             Great Wildlands
Royal Khanid Navy            Khanid Kingdom                             Khanid Prime    Nohshayess         Khanid
Caldari Navy                 Caldari State                              New Caldari     Kimotoro           The Forge
AIR Laboratories             Association for Interdisciplinary Research Cistuvaert      Anwyns             Verge Vendor
                             Unknown                                    New Eden        EVE                Genesis
Outer Ring Excavations       ORE                                        4C-B7X          Heart              Outer Ring
Ammatar Fleet                Ammatar Mandate                            Tanoo           San Matar          Derelik
AEGIS                        EDENCOM                                    Yulai           Sanctum            Genesis
Serpentis Corporation        Serpentis                                  Serpentis Prime Phoenix            Fountain
InterBus                     The InterBus                               Ourapheh        Sanctum            Genesis
DED                          CONCORD Assembly                           Yulai           Sanctum            Genesis
The Convocation of Triglav   Triglavian Collective                      New Eden        EVE                Genesis
True Power                   Sansha's Nation                            37S-KO          XJ-0RG             Stain
Blood Raiders                Blood Raider Covenant                      Oyonata         Tandoiras          The Bleak Lands
Jove Navy                    Jove Empire                                3-CE1R          F-0CTG             A821-A
Infested Regions Hiveminds   Rogue Drones                               New Eden        EVE                Genesis
Mordu's Legion               Mordu's Legion Command                     5ZXX-K          U-7RBK             Pure Blind
Dominations                  Angel Cartel                               Utopia          Heaven             Curse
Federation Navy              Gallente Federation                        Villore         Vieres             Essence
Vigilant Tyrannos            Drifters                                   New Eden        EVE                Genesis
Society of Conscious Thought The Society of Conscious Thought           FDZ4-A          N-K4Q0             Geminate
Guristas                     Guristas Pirates                           6NJ8-V          UTZ-7B             Venal
Intaki Space Police          The Syndicate                              Poitot          Z-6NQ6             Syndicate
Sisters of EVE               Servant Sisters of EVE                     X-7OMU          38G6-L             Pure Blind

@Emotional_Support_Clown Maybe it’s placeholder.

Placeholder for what?

Having dummy data in a table is not a good practice. Especially when you emit it out on a public API.

Placeholder for eventual new corporations?

Thanks, now I know :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s from the Factions API

So it’s a leak of an upcoming faction?

Don’t ask me, I haven’t dabbed in those things for a long time and I was mostly hardware side.

Aww, Equilibrium of Mankind didn’t make the list.

I would like them to be promoted to a proper faction.
From the wiki article -
The EoM fly unique Amarrian ships fitted with hybrid turrets and missiles,

The unknown faction is pretty old and its likely just a placeholder for when something doesn’t correctly return a valid ID for whatever reason

This is from 2016 and mentions it being listed in the killmails endpoint so i wouldn’t expect it to mean anything important other than “something went wrong looking that up”

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The endpoint you’re calling isn’t relevant, its a placeholder for missing data, could be an ESI endpoint having a hiccup, the DB on the other end having a hiccup or just an incorrectly configured value that nobody noticed or really cared about because it doesn’t actually break anything

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Rebels from the 4 major empires will be allowed to transition into a 5th pirate faction.

I guess the glimmer of hope for something exciting in Eve has just faded away with an anti-climax.

It’s the army of Eve veterans with Alpha accounts that are about to become the vast majority of players.

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