What is this, the waiting game?

Is this game all about the different imaginable
ways one can wait?
Want to fly this ship?:smiley: nope, have to wait :laughing:
Want to mine in that? :smiley: nope, have to wait :laughing:
Want to buy a skillbook? nope, have to wait for the thing you’re already waiting on to be able to wait for it :laughing:
And now…
Want to change character because you don’t like your toon? :smiley: Nope! Have to wait for that too! :laughing:

How exciting :worried:

Even the forum doesn’t work :sweat_smile:

  • As soon as you fly “better” ships, you gonna lose more expensive ships, while you’ll be disappointed they don’t perform the way you hoped for because of the lack of supportive skills.
  • The Mining Barge Skill plan is very popular. But a Venture is a good and cheap start to learn about mining cycles, belt characteristics and fitting issues.
  • Setting up a new Character is no problem at all. Changing an existing char usually isn’t worth the hassle.
  • You can buy and inject most skillbooks immediately. Just skilling takes time. Or you buy skill injectors, new chars receive the full amount of SP.

Looks like it does.

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Luckily you’re still very new and not at all an alt of an existing player, so starting all over to get a new character is at most a setback of a few hours or days of training!

Here’s what you could do:

make multiple alpha accounts (so they can train in parallel, do your reading on the activities that interest you, and make skill plans for those activities. Then pick the alpha characters that you will try these activities on. Afterwards, you can decide what your main will focus on, and if that main will combine any of the other activities you already tried out.

It takes some planning, and that will remain a constant in this game.

P.S. When I started there were no alphas. My sp were scattered all over the place for a long time. It’s easier now.

OP, now is the perfect time to learn the basics of the game mechanics and lose cheap ships no one cares about. Worry about flying „the perfect“ ship later when it unlocks. In the meantime fly what you can and learn its limits. It’ll help you out when you fly the bigger and more expensive stuff.

Or you can pay $$$ for Skill Injectors and ISK to fly the biggest baddest ship and then watch as it goes up in flames because you didn’t learn the mechanics plus other players do care about helping you lose shiny stuff.

When I was a newb we didn’t have the second option.

Never mind, member of Doomheim …

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