What is Turnur like?

does Turnur have more connections than Thera? and to what areas of space? all i’ve seen suggest that static wormholes only connect to C1-C4 (but not other areas, unlike Thera, which also has static wormholes to LS, NS & HS).

Have not been to Turner recently but do remember that it had more than normal spawn of WHs. You’ve now got me curious so next time in the area going to go check.

I believe though that you have misunderstood what ‘Static’ means in reference to WHs. Every class of WH has one or more whs that are its static(s)… which means it will always have a connection to that type (which can be C1-6, LS, HS, NS). There is a lot more to it, check Eve Uni wiki for more info.

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