What is wrong with eve in the mornings EST

back after 5 years been playing for a week or so. every morning EST I log in and nothing works right. this morning I log my jita alt and tried to load the market not working so I try to quit the game and it will not quit. I am so happy to be back always loved this game and every thing works fine except around 7 am to 8 am EST. I see there is no more down time but as I remember for me this is the same time down time used to be.

There is still a downtime. Its 15 min. 7-715 est

Was 6-615 before the time change

ok thanks but still not working right every morning even now at 9 am est

Check your settings to make sure its not trying to use dx12.

Relating a Post from German Users having some Trouble, this could eventually help you:

What we are initially looking for is basic debug information so that wecan investigate this issue:

  • Your geographical location, your ISP details, and other relevant information about where and how you connect to the internet. If there are any patterns to the disconnects, please let us know as well.
  • The network path from your computer to Tranquility: Run tracert tranquility.servers.eveonline.com from a Command-Line Window, save the output in a text file and send us.
  • Your network details and how you connect to Cloudflare: In https://web.ccpgamescdn.com/aws/community/eve_network_diagnostics_v6.zip then you will find a file called eve-network-diagnostics v6.ps1, which is a Windows PowerShell Script. Run this script and send us the output file. We are mostly interested in the top two sections in that file.

For more advanced debug information, please see @CCP_Convict’s original post above with the alternative advanced traceroute and Cloudflare WARP details.

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after cleaning up my computer eve is working ok now let me see what happens tomorrow morning if not working I will send the info thanks

Well it was on my end I bought a new {refurbished] tower and it needed some cleaning up. Thank you long live Eve

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