What is your definition of PVP?

Too much investment required for even low level T1 engagements at BC and up.

Fights are too quick. No time to even think. You’re either one-shot blapped at a gate camp or ganked by a roaming fleet.

The only Player versus Player that really exists is indy ganking. That’s as close to 1v1 you will fine most of the time… and that’s nothing more than bullying for fun… and it just makes everything MORE expensive, going back to the investment.

it’s a cycle of death for content and engagement and enjoyment.

I think you are making things up. I doubt you will provide any evidence to ‘prove’ that the original definition of PvP necessarily included the term “combat”.

Nobody is complaining about you being a carebear, but isn’t it true? Most miners are willing to undock and risk losing a ship, but carebears like you are too scared to even link your killboard, precisely because you are afraid.

This sounds like ■■■■■■■■ (bs).

Tell that to the millions of people who have died in real world conflicts, despite being unarmed, even though they were legally considered combatants. Look, it’s a Player vs Player game, a PvP game, and if you are too stupid to defend yourself, that’s because you are bad at PvP. It’s not because the other player did something wrong. Miners are legitimate targets, so you don’t need to keep whining for another decade.


I PvP on a very large scale

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I do not consent to being told what I know or do not know.

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Get over it. You verbally undocked.

And if you don’t know it…then you’re about the only person in the whole of Eve, including 0.001 second old noobs, who doesn’t.

Can I have all your stuff, as all you ever seem to do lately is resort to posting BS that even you don’t really believe in.

You should do a survey and post your findings here.

Why would I give you my stuff? All you’d ever do with it is transport it 70 million ISK at a time in your “fast-align Gnosis,” and sell it off to buy ammo to use for bashing abandoned structures with WM.

I’d rather give it to someone like Aiko.


After you. I mean…I have to see what ship you are flying first so I can undock something suitable to blap you in 1.0 space. Real PvP !

Why? I’m not the one going around making wild, histrionic claims like I have a bad case of inductive diarrhea.

Seriously ?..

" I think that the real issue with the “PvP” in the game is that there’s no way to signal to strangers that you’re a non-combatant. CCP needs to add some kind of feature to the game that would convey this message at a glance."

You are clearly bored of Eve when your every post invoke’s Poe’s Law. Can I have all your stuff.

English isn’t even my second language, but I’m still competent enough in it to understand that when someone says “I think that…” they’re not making anything that even remotely satisfies the textbook definition of a claim.

It is. And so are quire a few other instances. Like this one:

It is. The “defenseless” miner should be aware that he belongs to an organization at war.

So everyone is “attacker” and “defendant” since ship loss is across the board, and in this case zKillboard.

You ask for our definition of pvp, then proceed to restrict how we can define pvp in terms of other games?

Is this more of your alleged “Socratic Method”?

Of course market pvp doesn’t fit the definition of pvp if you’re using the yardstick of a lobby style respawn shooter or a boardgame.

EVE offers the ability to do many things that neither counterstrike nor Chess allow.

A fundamental part of EVE is the ingame economy. Economic warfare is real in this game. It’s happened before and it’ll happen again.

Three examples:

1: the Goons Ice Interdiction campaign. Ganking hisec ice miners to drive up the prices of the kinds of Ice goons were mining.

2: OTEC and the entire shenanigans around that.

3: Buying up every Muninn and Cerberus on the Jita market during the Rage eviction, causing Hard Knocks friends to overspend on ships to try and help defend with. Not sure if this was a deliberate, bloc level play or just some opportunistic traders seeing the chance to make a quick buck.

All of these are examples of market pvp. Some are on a Corp level, some on a Bloc level and one on a “vs every non OTEC entity” level

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I just find the entire discussion meaningless…like people pretending they don’t know that Eve has been ‘shoot first…aske questions later’ since day 1. I’m not sure there’s a semantics killboard to aim for, though some on this forum would probably come top of it. I’ll stick with the DPS.

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Real pvp is between 2 or more semi consenting players killing each other in many glorious ways.

For highsec its wars/FW or killing criminals or suspect/baiting activity.

For lowsec/nullsec its just consenting by closing that little box the first time you jump into the system warning you of the dangers.

Anything outside of that is predatory and shouldn’t be allowed in the game. That little warning you get jumping into low/null for the first time doesn’t pop up when simply undock for the first time meaning its not by design to be a dangerous in highsec. Several mmorpgs have designated areas for pvp and designated areas for no pvp. Eve by design seems to have loosely been based on the same concept while making it seem like we have more freedom with it but humans, like the plague we are, have found a way to ruin that.

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My guy, quit the whining.

It’s a PvP game. CCP allows ganking in Highsec.

It’s not “predatory” or immoral, it’s intended gameplay (by design).

If you don’t like it, maybe try Roblox?


the queen of the trash pit rears her ugly head! For someone who retired from the game you sure waste a lot of time on the forums

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Is this one of the new daily challenges ? Reply 5 times in one of these trash threads and receive free SP ?
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Hey, OP, person of the many suggestions. Consider pitching this to the devs, to include replying to your thread spam as a daily challenge…

P.S. make it worthwile, say 25,000.


Although I no longer play EvE Online, I am still allowed to post here.

Why are you back, did you forget about the last time you were here with your trash-fire of a CSM thread and close ties with a EULA-violating hijack of HMA?

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