What is your definition of PVP?

I only consent to honorable real PvP when I undock, not to fake grief-play ganking PvP.


If it is a fight between at least 2 players it’s pvp. PvP does not require both sides to be shooting.

The reason I specify the part with “does not require both sides to be shooting” is not just because ganking is a form of pvp where one side is usually very much afk and making itself a target, but also because there are pvp fights that make it impossible for one side to actually shoot. See ECM, sensor dampeners, neuts etc.
If I dampen you so you can’t even lock me, it’s still a pvp fight eventhough you don’t shoot me, for example.

So imo pvp as a general definition is simply at least 2 players interacting with each other, with at least one having the intend to kill the other (side).


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Unfortunately for you, most of EVE doesn’t subscribe to your self defined Space Bushido rules of engagement.
We’ll take the shot if we get a lock on you nine times out of ten.
You Undocked and are in space, you’re fair game to get shot at.

unfortunately for you actually, when you enter the area of space for the first time actually designed for all forms of pvp you get a warning message for consent before being allowed to jump. That message does not pop up when you create a character or log in or undock for the first time. Meaning that by default highsec is not designed to be a blood bath of wanna be pvp thugs killing newer players in a space that’s supposed to be designed to keep them safe.


When I played EvE, we would call miners carebears.

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I find way more than that meaningless.
“Vanity of vanities, says the Preacher,
vanity of vanities! All is vanity”

There’s been many new players come and go over the life of the game. I’m sure many of them weren’t aware that the game they were trying was basically a shooting gallery.
I didn’t know when I started that EvE was more like a Battle Royal, a Mortal Online but in space, a PlanetSide but with ships.
I like spaceships, the game is entertaining and well made so I do get enjoyment from playing. At least, unlike Mortal Online, I’m able to go further than the noob areas before someone jumps and ravages me.

Come on, you swear by that website.

I enjoy flying around in my shuttle!

Anyway… Long Live the Gallente Federation!! :fist:

20+ years of it being that way without the game company changing it would convince most rational people it was indeed designed to be that way.

CCP putting out materials for rookies explicitly saying it’s by design would also convince rational people.


CONCORD is retribution, not prevention. CONCORD will not ‘keep you safe’. It never has and never will.
This is something we all learn sooner or later.
HiSec isn’t a ‘safe space’. Nor should it be. There are consequences for aggression in HiSec, and in LowSec for that matter. Either you understand and accept this, or you don’t. If you don’t, well that’s just tough [redacted] for you.

Oh but it does. The very first thing you do in the NPE is die…and you are told ‘get used to it’. You are not told that if you hang around in highsec nobody will ever shoot you. Nowhere does it say highsec is ‘designed to keep you safe’.

There is not a single reference to ‘safe space’ anywhere in the Eve literature or tutorials.

But its the usual forum BS where people just invent stuff…entire Eve lore, even…and try to fob it off as reality.


Why not? It’s working really well in Echoes and Infinity, and players on Serenity are eagerly awaiting for this ruleset to be brought over by effect of the impending new legislation. No bang-bang in high, lots of NPC police pals in low, and dai dai lo making the rounds in the sovereign doughnut means a lot of happy little players enjoying the benefits of social harmony through peace and prosperity. Overall player satisfaction there is way higher than it is on TQ.

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Even for a forum devoted to fake internet spaceships, that’s pretty cringey.


People have placed labels on things since the beginning. Some labels are too broad and on many confuse others. For example; when asked to define concepts of good or evil. Those are steeped in morals, cultural norms, and laws of the land. It is difficult to define what is good and what is evil. When you look up the definition in most dictionaries will define evil as sinful or immoral. What is sinful to one culture might not be to another culture. The same goes with the definition of good as morally right or virtuous. Again it all falls into a shadow grey area.

I for one never “volunteer” for PvP as in challenging someone to duel.
When out mining in an unarmed venture, I don’t call it PvP at all. That should be labeled cat and mouse.
When two tribes go to war, maybe they think of it as PvP?

PvP by definition just means Human versus Human, games don’t have highly developed bots ( NPCs or rats ) good enough to pass for a human player. IF you removed all the NPC bots out of a game and left it to humans only, I could see that game being labeled as PvP. Some people get upset when PvP games introduce bots, crafting, and other PvE elements.

I know I would play this game more often, if it had more PvE elements, but I am not everyone. I play Black Desert with my grand daughter and we pay cash for furniture and clothing for our virtual doll houses. That kind of play here will never be popular. I don’t think the ship skins will be as popular as gun skins in CS:GO and that is probably what CCP wants to happen.

You asked a valid question of us - as usual here - people are stuck in PvP mode.

A: When both players are in a game together, with equal chances to win the match.
This is not the case, when a group of ships attack a single player and/or unarmed vessels. That is a game of cat and mouse, the only way the mouse wins is to escape. The polar opposite is also not PvP. When a fully armed vessel or fleet is baited into a trap or ambushed by a multitude of hidden vessels. That is baiting or camping a target. All of these can be fun activities, depending on the players involved, and the community.

You asked for my definitions, but all are not definable under the label of PvP. Everything is open to debate.

Have fun!

thats just YOUR personal definition ! but its simply wrong … xD it was said before → PvP = Player versus Player ! nobody said that both player have to be equal … oO nobody said you need to be armed oO …
its very simple … it just means Player versus Player xD nothing more, nothing less !

all of you who want to create your own interpretation of the definition … all of you are wrong ! PvP has its definition in its 3 words :wink:

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Nope…PvP literally means ‘player versus player’. You can’t make it mean something else just because you don’t like that definition and want to impose some bogus ‘equality’ that is not in the meaning.

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One day and already 95 replies? Someone must have struck a nerve.

To me, it’s rather simple: PvP is when one player fights another.

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I know you have trouble reading, so I will bother to repeat myself once more.

I really try not to repeat myself, I tend to think people will read the entire text. Not just gloss over it, to inject their own opinions and ideals. There is no right and wrong with personal points of view.

Have fun!

nothing equal about eve.

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I know, and that’s why it is so weird and surprising that you didn’t bother to read my reply showing you insulting the Eve Community.

Nope. The issue is clear. What part of ‘PvP means player versus player’ was too difficult to comprehend ? It’s nothing to do with ‘personal points of view’…your personal point of view does not make PvP mean something other than ‘player versus player’.