What is your recomendation for pve in wh

Hello, I want to be an industrialist, but I am alpha, I think I can buy all the material I need to produce if I sell what I get at wh.
¿What ships do you recommend to kill rats in hw?




ok, then in more detail:
First: Omega Sub
Then: Marauders

If he wants to be an industrialist, he won’t achieve anything worthwhile as alpha anyway since most indu skills are locked.

The whole idea to farm Sleepers and then doing Industry with what you farmed as an alpha is a concept for failure. If he wants to stay Alpha, he can focus on ninja-mining high-value Ore, Gas or Ice in WHs in a Venture and then build most basic stuff out of it.

I know that the industry as alpha is not profitable, that’s why I want to earn isk with wh and leave the industry as a sideline because I like it.

I see absolutely no way you can earn any significant amount of ISK in WHs with an Alpha Clone (solo). What do you want to fly there? Gila? (Navy)Drake? You will have no Alts to scout the WH chain or watch the exit, very low scanning skills. You will lose these ships to other people killing you there frequently. More than C2 Sites will not work anyway and they are not that lucrative. Also close to HighSec, means lots of visitors that see you ratting there.

Sorry, if you want to make money in WHs as an alpha, go ninjamining. A venture does cost nothing if you lose it but the stuff you can mine with it can be very valuable. And you can use it directly to produce things.


The Gnosis is a good ship for a newbie. I used one to farm a C2 wormhole.


producing for yourself is a concept of failure.
when i produce i pump out 24/7 with 6 chars. the work you have to do (calculation, orders, setup haul contracts) dont scale that much in time. its nearly the same time invest for 1 item or 500 or 1000.
so if you manage your production chars for 1 hour can net you 2b or 5 million if you just produce 2 ships and some modules for yourself… better buy that ■■■■ and spend your time better.

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So Syzygium is basically right, however that is obviously a long term goal.

In the meantime best way for you to make isk is Ninja gas, you can also jedi gas sites in a venture if the spawn are battleships. Exploration is also probably good for making money.

Biggest problem you will run into though is Skill Points. Alphas stop skilling at 5mil IIRC, but do have a cap of 20mil so save all free xp until you hit 5mil. 5mil is just not enough to be proficient at multiple things, combat ships are particularly heavy on initial SP investment. You will need to spend a lot on fitting skills, Tank skills, Weapon Skills, and navigation skills in addition to the actual command skills. With 5 mil SP you are looking at skilling those to 3 and carefully choosing which to advance to 4 based on your needs.

When he said indy was not a good choice for an alpha he wasn’t kidding. Profit Margins are razor thin in Jita, Buying materials to produce on the open market will result in a loss not profit. You are probably going to have to use one of the alternate trade hubs like Dodixie or Amarr to be able to sell at a profit. You will also need to find a good science site and production site that have low system indexes for research and production or you will not make a profit. This means you will have to invest in hauler skills (gallente is best haulers most useful ships).

Gas is way more profitable for new players than sites, with a venture you can jedi huff an ordinary gas site for like 80mil isk in a few hours. a single load pays for the risk of multiple lost ventures. Still it does get boring after a while so you can do the sites, again however you are running into the SP limits it takes a lot to make a cruiser worthwile for an Alpha, A kite Destroyer can do some of the c1-c2 sites and can be done cheaply enough to at least make it worth the risk even if its not the most efficient thing to do. You are going to be looking at like 20-30 mil per hour just counting actually running the sites, the problem with WH’s though is that half the loot is in salvaging the sleepers. To start with though you may want to consider tranquil abyssals, they can be done with a destroyer that does 100 dps to at least 20km in fairly short order, though only about a rate of 10mil an hour, I mention them becuase you will get to that quicker than c2 sites. They are also good if you don’t have a lot of time at any given moment.

To give you an idea of the SP you need for success in industry, my neutral hauler alt in Jita has over 50mil SP. For that I’m still not able to produce much of anything at scale except for a few niche modules that I have fully researched blueprints for. I get a 4% tax rebate on trades, I have the ability to use buy/sell orders for my loot and modules I can predict I will want but have to pay just under 2% in broker fees for it. I can haul materials, modules, and trade goods effectively but still can’t move many ships efficiently. I have minimal investment in combat skills that allow me to fly a couple of frigates and destroyers effectively.

Best general advice I can give you is to try to be better and do more with smaller ships like frigates and destroyers rather than worry about getting into bigger boats, especially for indy the venture will take you a long way.

Second, watch guides on YT, they will fill you in on so much info that is out there but you didn’t even think to ask about. like salvaging, stick some tech one salvagers on a destroyer and scavenge dangerous areas can make about as much as ninja huffing.

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