Need Ratting Ship Advices

Hello There.
I am a returning player. And i am alpha. I’m not planing buy omega with real life money right now. I just want have fun playing a couple hours and make some isk.

I like doing combat sites/drone sites, warp there or scan then warp there kill some and if i am lucky get some great loot etc.
I have 60m isk to spend. I want to create high and low sec (1.0 to 0.3) combat site ship.
I want long range - tank, mainly Minmatar ships with artillery. I don’t like drones. Bcs sometimes they got aggro etc. I’m using drones just kill the smaller ships (i have basic rupture right now has artillery weapons and 5light drones for small ships).I want to build a Hurricane but i am open any suggestion.

You can fit Artillery on Gnosis, but you will find it hard to keep gun’s tracking. Huricane fleet issue is a bit expensive, but worth its money , IMHO.

60 mil is a bit low, enough for a “ok-ish” pve ship but doing so would violate 1’st rule of eve. Get a t1 cruiser with t1 rigs and krab until you have isk for a better ship and some spare in case you lose it.

what is krab?

The act of farming combat anomalies and signatures solely to get as much ISK as possible.

Then i need Stabber and Rupture fittings. Any suggestions ?

total 52mil

• This fit is bad tanked against em damage but for other purposes it fits much better.
• Сhange the drones depending on the damage.

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