What kind of bots exist?

On reddit there was a thread about potential exploration bots. Are bots these days really capable to scan down signatures and run the hacking minigame? Are they also able to check Dscan and local?

That there are ratting and mining bots, and probable abyss bots for low tier sites was clear, but exploration bots???

And is it possible to create a bot for any activity in game, so for example to run burner missions(which requires standing management) or to blitz level 5 missions(which requires more standing management and the ability to check Dscan for combat probes). Because these activity yields like 500 mil isk per hour per character if done right, which is 12 bil per day and 360 bil per month, which is worth like 2000 USD’s. And if a botter runs like 30 of them, he could really get rich by doing that.

And when we talk abut RMT, are there countrys where RMT is against the law?

just curious

Theoretically, yes, because what is presented to you in graphics are actually just a few bits of data between the client and the server. A bot wouldn’t first have to use the graphical interface like a player does, but can manipulate the client to do it’s biding. Worse, a bot can completely replace the game client and pretend to be the client, completely without any graphics, and talk directly to the server.

I am however not aware of any bots, because I don’t use them. And anyone who could give you in-depth information on bots can only do so by being a bot user.

Maybe direct your curiosity to other things. Try Pornhub or whatever.


Intel bots are and have been widely used in nullsec for years. Just take a tour through Russian space. All those random duders in otherwise empty systems are intel bots that report your movement.

I am not a lawyer… but:
When you signed up for EVE, you signed the EULA. RMT is against the EULA, and so RMT technically counts as a breach of contract, which is illegal pretty much everywhere.

See it this way: CCP created a game, by RMT you are profiting off a game while you did not contribute to the development of that game. Since CCP owns all in game assets, you’re selling something you don’t own which I’d see as theft or fraud.

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Forgive my dumbness, but my 1st language is not English… What’s RMT?

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Real Money Trading.

It’s when people sell in game assets (ISK, ships, PLEX, whatever…) for out of game cash.

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Txs , I m knew the concept not the words

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Yea you can make bots do just about anything in EVE

well thats surprising, I always thought bots only exist for easier tasks like afk ratting and mining, but exploratin seems kind of new to me…

I was surprised to learn at work that a few of our sophisticated clients were developing bots to replace the professional employees that use our business software. Compared to what they are doing, bots for exploration is trivial. So who knows these days.

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