What makes bigger ships deal more damage?

So a cruiser will deal more damage than a destroyer. Yet it usually has fewer high slots than a destroyer. Is this because of the turret size? A medium turret deals more damage than a small one?

does that mean a nereus deals more damage than a frigate???

You can see the difference in damage when you show info on the ammo that is used. With most guns, the ‘bullet’ is thicker, or a higher caliber. But yes, cruiser guns are bigger than destroyer guns. Destroyers and Frigates use ‘small’ guns. Cruisers and Battlecruisers use ‘medium’ guns, Battleships (and some BCs) use ‘large’ guns, and Dreadnaughts and Titans use ‘xlarge’ guns. Each grouping of guns have a set of ammo for their size, you can tell the difference by the S, M, L, or XL on the icon.

so the battle nereus isn’t as stupid as it sounds?

Oh no, it is…haulers tend not to have enough powergrid for weapons.

Yet battle Nereus fits exist. With enough PG. Fit: Nereus, Battle Nereus by Drefizzle | EVE Workbench

But in a Nereus, it takes ages to lock a target. Another problem: Bigger weapons are less accurate, so the bigger the guns, drones, or missiles are, the less they hit small enemies. An assault frig can kill the Nereus even before it was able to lock the frig, so does an alpha volley of a Tornado.

There is some Battle Nereus baiting, but the global killboard shows they are not very effective: Nereus | Ship | zKillboard

Edit: At least a Battle Nereus is much better than a Battle Iteron Mark V :wink:
You can have fun this way, and with the help of Concord even some kills. But it’s a waiting game, you’re rarely ganked when you are waiting for it.

Battle Nereus baiting is advanced ship flying. Choosing the right target is key and to be frank, you can’t really control who targets you.

Bigger size guns deal more damage than the small size guns. They also have more range.

Downsides are that bigger guns track slower (so it’s harder to hit small targets), and that bigger guns take significantly more powergrid to fit on your ship, so you usually cannot fit medium guns on a small sized ship, or large guns on a medium ship.

This is EVE though, so there are exceptions, like fitting battleship-sized torpedo launchers on bomber frigates.

The Nereus is a hauler and has no damage bonuses to any weapon system.

It can equip one or two small frigate-sized guns and use small drones, so it can fight a litlle, but is usually not as useful in combat as a fast agile frigate.

Frigates will usually deal more damage and be more useful.

This is EVE though, so there are exceptions. The Nereus can get a lot of passive shield regeneration with the right fit to the point that many solo ships won’t have enough dps to kill the Nereus faster than it regenerates, which allows a ‘battle Nereus’ to slowpy whittle down pilots who have no backup nearby to call for help.

The Nereus is too slow to actually catch anyone though, so it relies on baiting people into fights “because it’s just a defenseless hauler” to catch them and get kills.

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