Why are gun turrets so small in EVE?

I have been playing EVE online for almost 1 month now, great game. But there is always a question that bugs me, why are the gun turrets in EVE so small? Doesn’t matter if someone is flying a frigate or a battleship, all the gun turrets are almost microscopic compare to the size of the ship. What is the logic and reason behind that? When you look at warships in WW2 or even modern day warships, some might have small guns, but none have tiny gun turrets like the ships in EVE.

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Why do they need to be big?
It’s all about miniaturisation reduce weight etc

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The guns aren’t small, the ships are big.


Newton’s third law.

Even If guns had been comically large you’d have to think where do you store all the ammo for them…

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so why do we need such big ships to accommodate small guns? usually with physics on earth, the bigger the guns, usually they have higher penetration.

Technology. They are not old earth wet navy ships, they are not comparable.

Maybe take a look at Attack Battlecruisers if you want to have big guns on medium sized hulls.


Guns look pretty small on modern warships…

And these are considered large.


Welcome to the future

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Look man, if you want to overcompensate for, uh, a lack of, uh, something, id suggest flying a titan. Those are the biggest ships ever, and they are sure to help you feel more manly. And its like a big huge gun, with its doomsday weapon.

Otherwise, all other ships have smaller guns, because it makes sense. why would the rest of us, need to compensate for anything in our lives?

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This is an optical illusion.

The turrets are appropriately sized,
but look small in comparison.

Large turrets on medium sized ships, like 1400s on a Tornado,
look appropriately sized because they’re easier to recognize due to their greater relative size.

It’s Expectations vs. Reality. You think bigger is better (higher penetration), yet physics let’s us substitute speed for mass, which is MUCH easier to work with! Big bullets take a lot of space. Small but dense bullets have a lot of mass/m³ and thus need far more energy to be fired. That’s why modern railguns, comparable to small and medium turrets, use relatively small and lightweight bullets.

Smaller&lighter = higher efficiency = less space/more stored, less mass, higher achievable velocity.

All at the relatively irrelevant cost of energy.

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