What social media do you use for EVE content?

What social media do you guys like to use for finding EVE content? Reddit and YouTube seem to be the most popular. Does anyone use anything else?

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Only the ones you (OP) and Tipa mentions (though not sure if google search counts as social media but is surely a very useful research tool).

The Yellow Pages.




Do you work for CCP? This sounds like a customer survey :wink: They’re probably taking notes on where to advertise next!

I use Google if I am looking for information on EVE. I don’t find eve content on social media. Reddit is garbage so I don’t use it.

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YouTube; I watch a few videos.

Remember SpaceBook?

McCandless Farms remembers

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CCP MintChip fan, ahh the golden years. I follow her and CCP news on Mumsnet.

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No, I’m trying to find more places to post my EVE related content :slight_smile:

The Dr. Who Forums i use for all my Eve Online content needs.


For info I usually do a google search and check each of the results, most are links to 3rd party sites. For linking important play info in-game, I just use Uniwiki since it contains a lot of Eve gameplay info.

As for current events, I check these forums, even though CCP usually post it first on Reddit.

For Networking, I see various tweets from CCP and other Eve players on Twitter and will interact with them at different times.

And of course can’t forget the Telephone Book of Discord channels…

I used to love mintchiplol when I was a teenager!

I remember that whole Saga! She was the queen of eve for awhile!

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