What sort of ship makes you most useful to a nullsec corp?

In general what sort of ship makes you most useful to a nullsec corp? Kinda as a training end goal I mean. Like would aiming for a titan be it or would a jump freighter or a carrier or something else be more useful in general?

They seem to like Titans best. Jump freighters can be useful, too.

your question has no sense

  1. because in eve, the answer to any general vague question is “IT DEPENDS”
    here, it depends on the goals of you corp: indy corp? small gang pvp corp in npc null sec? large null sec block? etc
    so first, find the corp where your feel good, and then ask them
  2. because this is the Q and A section, for new citizens, which should not aim for titans, JF, or carriers. They should focus on learning the game
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As said, it highly depends on the corp/alliance you join and what they do.

Main thing most alliance want you to train for is doctrine ships. Capitals are nice, but anybody with a pulse can fly doctrine ships and be useful.

If you do look at capitals, again they all have their use. From Jump freighters for logistics to carriers, supers, titans and dreads for warfare.

Best answer to your question, when in null, ask around


I think most people in null sec have their capital skills on an alt. A good range of sub-cap skills would be good for a main character.

Join a group then find out what ships they fly and train specifically for them. If you want to fly support ships they are often used in multiple doctrines. For example most fleets include Sabres.

Make sure you have the magic 14 trained and the weapon support skills. You need to be able to fit the ships and shoot at the same range as your fleet mates.

The more fleets you can go on the more useful you will be and you will get more out of being in the group. Much better than sitting in a citadel waiting on the one fleet you can fly in while everyone is out collecting kills.

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The friendship.


Your positive attitude and willingness to help your corpmates and group however needed is far more important than being able to fly any particular type of ship.


There’s been some good replies here advising you that your goals in a null sec corporation will largely depend on that organisation’s doctrines.

However, as a general rule, if you want to be useful and popular, I would highly recommend training for Logistics ships. Almost every fleet or gang will be very keen for you to join and it’s far more involving than just being a DPS line member.

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Another ship that is really helpful around nullsec is an interceptor

Mainly because fleets always want tackle and they are great for getting around as they are immune to bubbles


Training goals: Magic 14 up to V each.
This will keep your queue filled for some months and is really handy for every ship.

Except perhaps Warp Drive Operation. That used to be a more critical skill, but the game mechanics were changed and it doesn’t make much difference now.

Guard knew.

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This is false. The OP is asking about nullsec. Out in nullsec it is “Dictatorship.”



He was already training his successor there

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OP, you’re thinking about this the wrong way. Join the nullsec corp / alliance first, then establish your skill plan to train into their mainline doctrine ships.


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