What the hell?

So I go in for my photo shoot and do all these great poses, with different clothing, background, and lighting, and finally select one that I want to be my portrait that other people see. Then I decided to go back to the photographer to reevaluate my choice and look at the other three shots I took and the guy threw them away. Says I have to go and do all the poses and stuff again! Seriously?!? I mean a girl who looks this good only has so much time to sit around and look pretty!

In short, why can’t I save the photos I take in case I want to display different poses? So if I want to go and switch my pose to something else I can do so quickly and easily.

Posing ain’t easy.


Now that would be something to partner with!

I like that idea.

Also to be able to upload photographs and use filters to make it look like the way eve toons do so that people can use avatars that look like themselves (or someone else)

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