What to train for a cyno alt?

Hi everyone,
I’ve been trading as main activity for the past couple of months and now I’m starting to search for new markets and having capital to invest on freighters and another Omega alt.

I’ve just activated my alt account and I’m wondering wich skills would be necessary for a good cyno alt for my Jump Freighter so I can start planning the skill queue? What should I consider?

Interceptor, cyno 4 (5 if Amarr) are enough.
Your alt will just travel through space so you have to fly a travel ceptor, trade it to a rookie ship when at the cyno point, lit the cyno, and die to local folks. No need for a lot of skills.

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Thank you for the information. Why particularly must Amarr be trained up to 5?

The Amarr Corvette is tight on cargo, and can hold 250 ozone but not 300.

Fascinating. Thank you again.

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