What Was Your Final Race Score?

(DrysonBennington) #1

It is going to be interesting who finished where in the poles for the recent race.

Ship losses also factor into the over all points.

Ship loss is only counted based on PvP

-1 point for a shuttle
-3 points for a frigate or destroyer
-5 points for a cruiser

I finished with 103 points.

Overall I finished with 73 points as a result of ships lost due to PvP.


(Arthur Aihaken) #2

75 points. I stopped at the Quafe package as a form of protest against this event since I couldn’t possibly use up all the accelerators from the final Gold package. That and having my client crash every 10-15 jumps made this the worst event imaginable.

(Dark Engraver) #3


(Arthur Aihaken) #4

That’s because you’ve spent too much time in the blue donut.

(DeMichael Crimson) #5

I finished the race with 101 points, didn’t lose my ship to any PvP or self destruct.

(Tipa Riot) #6

7 points, no losses beside time.

(Anataine Deva) #7

0 points, no ships lost.

(Tuttomenui II) #8

0 points, no ships lost, but i did pay 5 mil for a bountied shuttle for others to have some content. I was out of range but had fun watching the slaughter.

(Nana Skalski) #9

Warping thru systems I dont consider engaging gameplay. I dont think any event was more dull than that. I had a fun moment when I kleptomanced* loot from smartbombed ships. This was a lot more enjoyable than any race.

*When you are aligned and take stuff from yellow wreck, after that you hit warp in the same second, so you warp immediately and nobody can react in time.

(Nora Maldoran) #10

76 or so.

(Nisanthro) #11

My score was zero too because I don’t rely on silly spoon-fed events to enjoy EVE.


(Radical Posture) #12


(Nicolai Serkanner) #13


(Anataine Deva) #14

Hey, don’t tell them my secret!

(DeMichael Crimson) #15


All these players posting ZERO.


(MinerArt) #16

You do understand that clip you linked was about two people who lost their jobs with one calling the other a loser, right?

In which case you just posted you have a zero? But earlier you posted you have 101.

Are you confused?

(Armtoe) #17

Zero here too. I remember when it was the players that used to set up events including races.

(DeMichael Crimson) #18

I know exactly what movie that was taken from and it doesn’t matter. What matters is the actual statement itself fits perfectly with various replies posted in this thread.

Obviously you have no clue. Maybe this will clear things up:

(MinerArt) #19

Oh I have a great clue. You consider yourself a special snowflake.

(Jeb Ozuwara) #20

I got 4 points