Ready, set, go!

As you know some new features have been added to help us keep count on our activities and a PVP counter was also a part of this, so just beware that a race to the bottom to rack up their PVP trophy will mean that ganking will increase for a while as players race each other to be number -10 on this new way of keeping count.

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Just get your useless alt in a pod and kill it a couple of times in low sec. -10 in a matter of minutes.


Back in the good old days, a smartbomb in Jita was all you needed. One module activation and presto, you’re -10.


Should have an event in Jita, get like 25 pods and one SB BS and boom, instant cup of soup.

Gankers don’t care about some in game counter of activity.

They gank because that’s what they like to do.

Aside from that, killboards have provided that external validation of activity for a long time already.

So the addition of the activity monitor isn’t likely to even cause a blip in the level of ganking as it means nothing to them and provides no functionality that isn’t already available by other means.


No one who’s capable and has working brain cells cares about being -10 or not. It’s only 12 year old tryhards and carebears yelling “boogieman!” who make it a thing.

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Yeah, its probably a bit overdue to make it a more challenging to be -5, or less.

Anyone that is an outlaw can be freely shot, by anyone at anytime.

If it isn’t challenging enough for them to be an outlaw, go do something about it and shoot them.


Seriously this. Killing is for fun, not some pixel scoreboard.

It’s also quite overdue to make the boringly easy PvE in highsec much more challenging. :blush:

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I read that as “becoming and remaining -5.0 is too easy, so let’s say that your security status will slowly increase back to zero unless you actively gank someone each day”. :grin:

(Yarrr DaPirat returns after 3 weeks of holidays. He logs in and suddenly shivers in horror as his security status has increased to a measly -0.5…)

Unlike care bears who post a bounty on themselves so they can have “Wanted” on their toon, real PvPers care more about making their sec status go up than down or in most cases don’t care at all because it only matters in empire space.

It is not the imagined badge of honor that wannabees and bears think it is.

Oh yes and famine in Africa is caused by carebears too don’t forget xD

Are you suggesting CCP shoot themselves in the foot by making it a challenge for the whales that buy most of the skins and other MT crap?

It’ll never happen, brother.


See this is NOT who I post about, if you’re for real then it doesn’t matter, but as pointed out the posers will jump on the ban wagon of trying to get this badge so they can believe they are booger men.

Every time some delusional person comes up with “real PvPers” I want to shove them into a real life ring and beat the ■■■■ out of them, because apparently none of those guys understand the meanings of the words real and PvP.

In an imaginary scenario where someone challenges me, I’d have three alts ready waiting to ambush him as soon as he engages. Why? Because that is real! Everything else is ■■■■■■■■! In reality, when you die, you don’t respawn and you don’t get to whine about the other guy being “unfair”, therefore the single most intelligent thing to do is pulling all odds into your favours. There is no second chance.

THAT is real. Get a life!

It’s only a game, don’t get so emo about people’s cheap .99 cent lables besides with a name like “Solecist” you should appreciate the improper use of labels because we are rebels too.

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