Grand Prix : That Event made me quit Omega

Hello CCP,

first part of the event was good. A nice sightseeing tour.
But the second part…ouch. So in the first 0.0 sytem was a bubble with a few players going to kill everyone.
From other games I know, that you can gather good stuff in events. But not in eve, here you lose just good stuff in events. Might be helpfull for the economy but I guess you impact with that just the newer player and those are economic lightweights. Seven players happy because a badass reputation on killboard, 100+ players pissed because event closed. But maybe CCP made it just to feed hungry killers with fresh noob meat. Alpha is for HS enough.

Would you like some pointers?

Go in cheap ship’s any place with a gate camp right click avoid that system there is literally 20 different ways around xD If you can’t handle loosing a 4mil isk frigate once in awhile then I’m not sure what to say.
In eve loss is meant to be felt in order to make everything matter more.

This is why CCP need’s to introduce more loss right from the get go to new players so they understand how to cope with it, plan around it expect it and be prepared emotionally when that moment comes.

Most players have lost hundreds if not thousands of ships. A famous eve saying “ship’s are like ammo” and “Never undock what you can’t afford to loose”.

Each death brings knowledge and your game experience will improve as you go along.
You died 2 times to the same camp on the same gate, try change up your strategy, you died in mhc in warp to 6e it looks like if you avoid 6e there is a way around that is an extra jump.


It’s preposterous that players have to travel through DANGEROUS NULL SEC SPACE full of BUBBLES and PVPERS in order to finish an otherwise optional fun event.

I completely understand your feeling and see why you quit Omega.

In my case, I had to travel through evil NPC empire space for the majority of this event. Imagine that, me, living in null sec on a daily basis and knowing all the tricks at staying alive in bubble space, being made to fly through dangerous high sec space, full of neutrals, gankers and wardeccers. I almost quit Omega as well.

If it wasn’t for the nice ship skins that this completely optional event gave me for completing the tour, I wouldn’t set any foot in high sec space, but I figured I would take this opportunity to fly outside my comfort zone.

Anyway, I learned that high sec wasn’t all that dangerous, full of gankers or war deccers at all. I didn’t see any. Kind of disappointing, really.

What is it that you learned from stepping outside your comfort zone? Be aware of the bubble? Or was it the smartbombs that got you?

For the smartbombs it’s recommended to bounce off a celestial (planet/moon/asteroid) before you warp to a camped gate so that you do not warp straight into the bombs. You can spot potential smartbombers using your directional scanner and local chat. If you see any, don’t warp gate to gate, but warp to another object first so you come from a different direction!

For bubbles: pick a ship that is interdiction nullified or can use an interdiction nullifier like an interdictor or shuttle. Covert Ops cloak works as well, that was what got me through the bubble without the campers noticing. If you do use a cloak, it’s again recommended to not fly directly to the gate as there will likely be a ship or object strategically placed to decloak any ships coming in from the obvious gate-to-gate warp path.

Fly safe!


Was your interdiction nullification broken? You forgot to use it, didn’t you? I bet you didn’t even have one fitted…

Also, the route did show you going through nullsec? Did you autopilot? Did you think people wouldn’t camp gates between event locations? In Eve?


Sorry for not having alot of null section experiences? Seems to be good stuff what you talk about?

Nothing wrong with not having experience. We all have to start somewhere.

What matters is how you respond to failure and adversity. Will you complain? Give up? Ask for your enemies to be nerfed? Or will you endeavor to learn and grow as a player?

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


It still made me quit Omega. I think its better if you guys pay CCP. I can hang out in HighSec with alpha. No problem.

You think I came the 2nd time cloaked with a Manticore to finish the Grand Prix?

If you woud like to meet a few gankers could I show you some spots. Bring a Tayra with some goodies to attract them (Or just be sexy). Dont come with Battlecruiser or Freighter. You are then to Fat for them. For the Wardeccers would you need a structure in HS. Wardeccers moving in hords, 12+ Ships atleast. I did meet 2 Wardeccer-Corps. Unfortunatly I cant make a contact because I was in war with them. Neutrals, something what you miss in Null-Sec. No wonder, they get as fast as possible killed there. How do you recruit new members for your Null-Sec corps?

For war deccers we’ve got structures and pretty much always an active war. I guess I didn’t find their group yet.

Gankers I see more often, saw a group just yesterday while I was hauling to Jita. Not on my Brave character, obviously, I wouldn’t want to carry billions in cargo when I find that group of war deccers.

Neutrals aren’t missed in null sec. We’ve got plenty! I think my home region of Pure Blind might have the largest amount of non-allied groups visiting and fighting, it’s a lot of fun. They kill, get killed and come back. Love the NPSI fleets that go there to get fights.

As to how we recruit new members? I guess people hear about us having fun and that we have a lot of opportunities to get to know fleet PvP against the regular roaming groups and our neighbours, which might draw in more people. The players might also get drawn by the newbie-friendly help channels that we have, the dojo classes that we give and ships that we give out to them. We keep getting new players to join us, so I think it’s working?

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If losing a bomber is what drove you to alpha status, it was always going to happen.


You dont understand my post. I dont care about a Bomber. But I saw the gate, and it was full of stars, errm I mean corpses. And I thought to myself, if that are 50% new players, then lost CCP now a few.
For a silly Jacket. Now you will say “If you cant stand the heat, then dont go to kittchen” or “Just the toughest guys are good enough for EVE”

Thumbs up then.

Lots of people quit the Souls games because of their challenge, or never even start because of their reputation for being brutal. But does that make them bad games, or mean that their difficulty should be toned down so that others can enjoy them? Of course, not. Many would argue that if you don’t want challenging games, you shouldn’t play challenging games. Go play something else.

For some reason, however, when it comes to player killing in unrestricted PvP games, people love arguing that PK and challenge are fundamental problems that are ruining the game and/or need to be solved. Why is that? It’s kind of weird when you think about it. I mean, it’s not like the people who want challenging UPvP games go into WoW and be like, “you know what this game needs? Always on PvP and a full loot death mechanic!!!”

Anyway, games like Eve aren’t for everyone, but they doesn’t make them bad games. Enjoy it for what it is, or go play something else.

And, as for CCP, it would be nice if they stopped trying to advertise and cater to players that don’t actually want to play their game.

Who cares? That event still made me quit omega. You guys must pay and I play for free. Good :slight_smile:

The more successful you are at killing the less you have to pay

So No , they must not pay :wink:

You play alpha for free while they play Omega for free , its just a simple choice

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Hey if you want to give up then that is your choice, peace.

then dont come to forums and complain about it if you dont want responses.

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The question is why are you trying to use a bomber (or anything other than a shuttle honestly) for the 1st run of the routes which aren’t timed

with the exception of some regional gates which have no nearly celestials, you can easily get around gate camps or smartbombers by just not warping to the gate directly, I don’t quite understand why a tiny set back would make you unsub from the game, unless you were looking for an excuse to do so