What's New in W-Space since 2012? Serious Question

First, I know all about google and searching for info all by myself, but I’m working on this new Forum Trust system to be able to create tags and stuff. Some robot suggested I start a topic. Also, maybe I’ll get lucky and connect with a good group.

So, I last logged in a WH in 2012 and that was for like minutes to discover awesome bookmark sharing update. My last actual activity was 2011 (USTZ) when we shared books in a can and used whatever home-grown precursors existed before Siggy (or whatever mapping app is used now).

Now I read about some NPC type system called Thera and that there are constructable stations in w-space. So, uh what else should I know? More systems? I’d imagine it’s getting crowded in there by now…

Also, who’s who among the competent PVP oriented WH groups? I can care less about sleepers or whatever is being farmed in w-space these days.

Edit: omg, after over a decade of waiting, nullsec is finally without local? The implications are spinning my brain

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So the changes arent many. There are shattered WH systems where you cannot anchor structures, there are C13 WHs which are small ship only but get the C6 Wolf rayett bonus, you can moon mine but its only good for regular ores, drifters spawn in certain sites C5 and 6. Thera is owned by Sisters of Eve and has NPC stations you can jump clone to.
With citadels anything inside them drops if someone blows them up. WH space is not crowded by any means. As for the PvP groups you have many, but im not a fan of turning WH space into more of a “just join the big group” like null turned out.


I only started playing after 2013, the stuff that got introduced while I was playing was:

  1. All the scanning changes, making scanning less of a chore
  2. Pirate data/relic sites in low class wormholes making wormholes a lot more new player friendly
  3. Changes to cap escalations, including drifters
  4. Shattered wormholes, including a few ‘special’ wormholes such as:
  • Thera
  • Drifter wormholes (sentinel, barbican, conflux, etc…)
  • Sansha wormholes
  • C13 frigate only wolf-rayets
  1. Citadels made wormholes a lot more liveable, and evictions a lot less grindy