What's the deal with identical items (different name) having huge price difference?

For instance take the Corelum A-type Energized Adapative Nanomembrane. Its current buy order is 1.3 bil, sell orders 1.8. However the Centum A-type Energized Adapative Nanomembrane and Corpum A-type Energized Adapative Nanomembrane are sold at 1 bil (buy orders 950 mil). All of these seemingly have identical stats, so why is there such a huge difference in price?

One word: rarity

Also laziness - a corporation or alliance doctrine fit happens to use Corelum, the lazy people just hit buy all, thus pushing up the price of the Corelum. The smart people know the stats and save isk by picking up the Corpum instead.

Maybe I’m just poor, but that’s laziness on a whole new level for me with so many million ISK saved by literally no effort :stuck_out_tongue:

The same disparity exists between guristas/cal navy modules. The navy stuff sells at a fair premium even when they have identical stats.

Many snowflakes get triggered with the idea of having 2 navy bcus and 1 guristas bcu on their raven. Others don’t know the cheaper alternatives exist.

If they were true commodity items then the prices would eventually converge in a well developed market. Some people give additional value to the name of the item even though it’s purely aesthetic.

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