Whats the new drone type?

Anyone have or can share info on the new inc drone type ?

From https://www.eveonline.com/live-event

“Enjoy exclusive new rewards such as the blueprint for a brand new drone type”

Personally, I’d like to have some salvage drones that start salvaging opponents ships before their even dead yet.

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There are new accelerators:
‘Synapse’ Overmind Accelerator

Accelerators ID’s:
showinfo:48601 Basic ‘Synapse’ Overmind Accelerator
showinfo:48602 Standard ‘Synapse’ Overmind Accelerator
showinfo:48603 Advanced ‘Synapse’ Overmind Accelerator
showinfo:48604 Extended ‘Synapse’ Overmind Accelerator

Skins ID’s:
showinfo:48893>Abaddon Cryptic Mimesis SKIN (Permanent)
showinfo:48894>Raven Cryptic Mimesis SKIN (Permanent)
showinfo:48895>Dominix Cryptic Mimesis SKIN (Permanent)
showinfo:48896>Typhoon Cryptic Mimesis SKIN (Permanent)

showinfo:48744>‘Subverted’ JVN-UC49
showinfo:48745>‘Subverted’ JVN-UC49 Blueprint

showinfo:48746>Overmind ‘Goliath’ Drone Tuner T25-10S
showinfo:48747>Overmind ‘Hawkmoth’ Drone Tuner S10-25T


One of these…

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