What's the range of a jump freighter to a cynosural field?

When starting off, how far can you jump with your jump freighter to a blockage runner that’s using the Indy cynosural field?

Dotlan is very useful for working out this sort of thing. Afaik ranges were not changed, so pick your hull and appropriate skills and it will tell you how far you’ll make it (or how many jumps you’ll need to get to where you’re going) and how much fuel is required.


Show Info on a jump freighter and it tells you the range in the Attributes tab as unmodified value.

Simulate that Jump Freighter and then click on the little Show Info (i) symbol in the top left to see the Attributes tab with your skills applied. You will see the Maximum Jump Range value has adjusted to the range that your skills allow for.

If you want to put that figure into practical use, you have to use Dotlan as suggested by Cypress above, any other of the available jump range calculators or the ingame Jump Navigation window, which tells you all systems in jump range if you sit in your jump drive capable ship.

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About 150-200km off gate before it explodes in Uedama.

More if you pay the fee though.