What's your Formula for Calculating BPC Cost?

Back in the POS days, I had a rather easy formula for figuring out how much it cost me to produce a BPC, then a markup and came to my sale price… Not quite as simple now-a-days with structures. So, I’m curious. How do you calculate your cost to produce a BPC and what you sell it for?

1k isk per hour of research, 0.2 cost index, 1/1000 of the bpo price (including research with the same values)

bpo costs 10M, required 2d to reach 10/0, then 2d to reach 10/20, total research cost is 1M
=> bpo cost is 10M+ 48 * 1k + 48 * 1k + 1M = 11.096M
one run requires 1h and 100 isk => bpc run is 1 * 1k + 100 + 11.096k = 12.196k


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