When Biomass Character now says retired

I had a corpmate biomass a character. It now says a message about Retirement rather than RIP. Why the change?

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To not confuse people about the pure ingame character of the message. The old text led to some people thinking the player behind the char is meant. I remember reading a statement by Falcon on reddit.


That does make sense

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All in all it’s just another brick in the wall.

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It’s a pity he didn’t post it on here…

But hey, **** the official forums eh?


If you want to get official news first, you have to go to reddit, that is where all the devs hang out.

We know.

We just hang on in here with the hope that one day they might actually decide to interact with the player base here…where they should be.

The official forums are insanely politically correct and it’s too easy to get banned. This, in turn, affects the depth and quality of content that people are likely to post. Hence… reddit.

No discussion can happen here under the terms. That’s why it’s always the same highsec stuff

That’s pretty dumb. Like, seriously dumb. Because of some people things need to change for everyone, because for some reason these some people, who apparently don’t quite get it, are more important than everyone else who does.

Yes, I know it’s a minor thing but this kind of ■■■■■■■■ is happening everywhere. Idiots making sure that the world changes for them. When they’re too stupid to understand that it’s silly to assume “biomassed” refers to real life (it does not read “deceased” so wtf), then they should be educated about it and that’s the end of it.

Now it says “retired” which is ■■■■■■■■, because capsuleers don’t retire. When they’re being biomassed they’re literally getting killed for good, with no chance of resurrecting in a new clone. The screams can even be heard!

“Some” people … seriously, wtf is wrong with these guys.


No, they aren’t. Apparently you’ve not been around in the last months. The amount of times people wrote “idiot”, “asshole”, “■■■■ off” is far greater than before … and it’s a good thing. The problem isn’t the forums, but the politically correct, intolerant fascists who are destroying it.

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Maybe it’s supposed to be read like “retired.”

You know, taken behind the shed… :wink:

Quafe Ultra is made of capsuleers.


Also because you can get biomassing reversed.

They may not retire, but surely other capsuleers can retire them. :wink:

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Agreed. I don’t how anyone could think that, and I don’t know how changing the word from “biomassed” to “retired” would prevent them from thinking that. They could have kept “biomassed” and just changed the wording of the message for clarity. But, oh well… One more little grimdark thing from the gnarly old Eve gone.

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