When does the guristas thing start?

Supposed to be the 20th, right? Date on my game says 20th, but I’ve jumped through 10 systems and haven’t seen one yet.

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Pretty sure it’s delayed 2 weeks. Let everyone know this; to quell uprisings.


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If it’s supposed to start today then it will be after DT when the server comes back online.

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Probably five to fifteen hours after original downtime deadline…

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its was allways on the dat after down time at 11:00 eve time
so i would guess its the same this time

you will know in 1 hour + from now


If everything runs according to plan then it is supposed to start after downtime or 1hr and 25 mins.

That is if its just a 45 min downtime as predicted.

As expected. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey guys,

We’re currently working through deploying the March Release, but this process is taking a little longer than the 45 minutes we initially anticipated as we work on resolving a few connection issues with the new chat backend.

Downtime will be extended past the 45 minutes that was anticipated.

We’re not sure of an ETA for uptime right now as we work through these problems, but keep an eye on this thread, and on @EVE_Status for more information.

Apologies for the delay in startup!

Edit: Also another screenshot to the personal archives:

they would never to it at a dt would they?

I completed a site earlier between down times and got an accelerator and an item of clothing.

I didn’t do these last year, but there’s an ‘egg’ at the beacon point (compressed ore?) and more battleships than I recall before (I’m in null). I kept shooting stuff everything near that warped in until I went after another BS about 64km off and they all warped off after that.

I didn’t see any warp-in warp-out behaviour like the last event.

Couldn’t do anything with the clothing but it may be I have it already.

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Realistically speaking, it will start once TQ is stable and they fix everything. Not sure how long it will take since its already been quite a while.

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