When i open MAIN WEB PAGE of the GAME i want to see NEWS

When i open MAIN WEB PAGE of the GAME i want to see NEWS about game.
Do i have Impossibly High expectations ???

why do i need to dig DEEEP INSIDE to read about last changes in the game?

When i go to OFICIAL FORUM, i see sub-forum “Information” with shity OLD INFORMATION
see sub-forum “Communications Center” contains other stupid ■■■■.

“unoficial” Reddit has much more NEWS than Oficial web page

News about the game itself doesn’t generate cash; news about new skins, bundles, and sales does. For better or worse, CCP has been more focused on generating cash over content for several years.

That being said, they really let the community communication and interaction slide for awhile. It’s slowly showing signs of returning, even if it will never quite return to what we once had. Guess you’ll have to turn to TiS, INN, and others to get the current information you seek.


I thought he said newds

I was like “Is this a WiS thread”

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I get like this sometimes…I usually fix it with a Snickers bar and a romantic comedy.

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