When is ccp going to fix null ratting

As long as null sov have their own lp store and doesn’t dilute npc null or low lp stores.

When they ‘fix’ things it rarely ends up better than it was before. Everyone that rats in null knows how horrible the current system is…and it’s important to state for the record that it’s currently this way because of a ‘fix.’

I do regularly envision nullbears on their knees too.

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NPC’s should strike back using Electron Bombs


Rat in a dread then see who is dumb enough to tackle u :smile: make money and kill and gankers for higher % on bounty

it’s dronelands. they don’t have content over there, which is why the risk modifier is so low in the first place.
There’s plenty of caps and supers ratting and rorqs happy crabbing in dronelands, noone forms on them.

Also, the OP uses an ishtar which is a heavy indication he’s afk ratting. Not something dreads perform horribly well at.

well other way is get in some lats and just start blowing your alts up to get the % up

I’m always seeing 170% on the low end around here. Maybe you need to move somewhere less carebear and with more action.

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Havent played in nearly two years but what i think would be great for nullsec is. Remove the ess system and have 100 procent bounty again.

Remove sof, allow anchoring stations only on planets and the mining ones still on moons ofcourse. Remove local chat so it really requires big alliances to have scouts etc to keep a high intel level on their systems or maybe a deployable beacon that they need to keep up.

Better would be leave the ESS and Bounty system change ESS so thatit allows MWD, this ab thing is boring and already solved not to mention annoying for everyone.

Remove anom’s as we know it allow Mission agent module to be placed inside citadel’s with a new lp store specific to the region the citadel it is placed in, that way People would be doing more than endlessly killing ships over and over driving the bounty modifer down super fast.

They would not get bored as quick and they can enjoy the new system that CCP has recently developed that makes it easier for them to make more missions. The lp could be an incentive for an alliance to countrol the entire region and “price fix” the lp items so that everyone in that region makes more money.

Their regional lp store doesn’t need every single item to be unique to that region maybe just 3 new items.

As a bonus with Null sec’ers earning half isk half lp the lp side auto balancing CCP will have less incentive to nerf it as it wont be direct isk and hence change the economy to such a degree.

The only way to really fix it and make it a fair and equitable system is put 100% of the bounties into the ESS. The ratter gets nothing unless they can defend it properly. Or they can move back to highsec for risk free bear botting.

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That could b an idea.

My super fleet umbrella noooo!


Sov Null ratters actually should only get ratting payout once per month from the ESS. Defend ESS whole month earn all income + 150% bonus. No isk bounties to pilot all go to ESS during the month.

Defend and prosper. Bot and fail and lose.

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