When is the account deletion facility going to be available?

CCP is currently refusing to delete individual game accounts, stating that automated self-service account deletion will be implemented in the future.

How long will we have to wait for this? Any ETA from any devs?

Not exactly a pressing matter…

I appreciate the thoughtlet but you’ll note I didn’t say it was a pressing matter. I’m just wondering when it will be available.

The is no ETA, and the Devs never give ETAs because they don’t want to be held to them/have a cause for people to kick up a kerfuffle when they miss them.

You can continue monitoring patch notes and Dev Blogs for announcements of upcoming/implemented changes, but that’s the best you will get.

…and you’ll note I never said YOU made that claim. I made that statement as I believe it’s a waste of time…

This would be a good thing. Then all of those Muppets that claim they are rage quitting because of the latest nerf can actually follow though and delete their account and not come back in 3 months time to complain and rage quit again.

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I get that message sine EU introduced RODO. It’s already a year, probably we wont get it any time soon.

The belief that it’s a waste of time does not follow from the belief that it’s not a pressing matter, so next time you might want to think a little more before trying to pretend you weren’t implying something…

Ah, didn’t realise it’s been like that for some time already.

Oh I wasn’t pretending…I was literally implying that you are an entitled little whiner complaining about something that pretty pointless for everyone, including CCP.

But go ahead, cry more…everyone here loved your salty tears.

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