When is the deadline to claim the free SP?

When is the deadline to claim the free SP? I can claim it after this weekend?

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Before downtime next day. So, to claim today’s SP you have time until tomorrow 1100 UTC. If you miss a day, the reward of this day is gone.


To add some more detail, once you “claim” the reward, it’s added to your redeem queue where you can divvy up the rewards to the characters on that account as you wish.

I believe I saw that it will remain in your queue for 180 days.

But you do have to log in daily to get it- not sure if you you can not claim it if you log in and have it still waiting for you to claim the next day, but probably better not to risk it disappearing (I mean, you’re right there at the character select screen after logging in, just click the button).


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