When L4 mission rats replace by FOB/Abyss style rats

This announce to come so when we can test fits and strategy? Mission will turn to team event like other great pve made in eve so no longer solo scammers will risk free for isk.

If one has the more info would be great to share thanks you.

Hopefully never because FOB are not interesting and only an annoying waste of time. And you are never risk free in missions either. All it takes is a suspect baiter or a gank squad and you are dead.

Jokes on you, I run FOBs solo. And Abyss space is entirely solo.

Maybe, instead of asking CCP to completely dumpster PVE with this crap they recently released you should get more competent at hunting and PVP.

(Yes, I recognized the troll bait and deliberately took it. :slight_smile:)

I not make the PVP it is bad playstyle for game. I make the isk but many scam by running mission solo too easy and too cheaps.

So i thankful the CCP make more hard content for more reward good player.

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