When the towers fall

If you can offer the opportunity to have good fights against the mercs who defend these structures you might build up some numbers. Blackflag et al. fly endless blingy ships but they have limited numbers and being dumbos they’re vulnerable to guerilla warfare.

I guess the issue is that many of the people who you look to protect aren’t usually the kind who have a PVP character to fight under wardecs and an industry character to keep out of corp to continue operations. There’s also the “I don’t want to PVP at all” mentality of some people, which is a shame as in a situation like this it can be motivated by protecting the activities they like to do as well as enjoying a gudfite.

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What you say is all true

guerrilla warfare is a very good solution and one we aim for


Man I miss Liberty. I found her in nullsec once.

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Guerrilla warfare , rebellions and resistance all have many names but I like the way one space commander puts things

: Have I Tribore had to rebuild the Resistance so we can resist the Uprising against the Insurgency who’s resisting the Rebellion - against the Insurrection?

Yessssss, I havvvvveee!


They have many names, but they all end up in the same place.

That is, losing against the Code.

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But maybe the fight will wondrous and hight security will burn

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That is fine too.

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Bro you don’t even play LOL.

Bro you don’t even play.


very cringe thread. Station bashing can’t even qualify as PVE.

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bashing structures would be more impressive if Dracvlad did it while someone was actually using the structure, rather than waiting until after they’ve already forgotten about it and can’t be bothered to login

Truth. I don’t see them going after the Uedama structures. I wonder why?