When the towers fall

Great news , 5 ganker own station came under attack from an anti-gank, anti criminal group of players .

The Result 3 stations destroyed , the two that survived ,well the gankers hired a Merc group . Just shows if you can’t defend a station don’t put it up.

Really what this shows is the weak state of the gankers right now , fragmented split into small groups of multi-boxers . Attack them all now and let’s drive more away attack their stations , kill there ships and kill their support .


Very intresting, could you add some more specific info?

i’ll post more info later

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Well, if two survived, they defended it.

You just wrote you failed to kill 2 of the 5 stations.

Also, what makes you think you drove any away by killing 3 stations.

By the way, incase you didnt know, you dont need stations to gank. They probably didnt care about losing 3 because they thought it was random attackers but then when it came down to the last 2 they realized they wouldnt be able to wardec anymore so they hired mercs to defend it.


This forum might actually be worth a crap if the mods paid just a tiny bit of attention.

I can’t wait to get the details of the SUCCESS of taking down 3 ganker stations. And the fact they had to hire mercenaries to protect the other two brings in the hope they don’t have the funds to hire them again for the time being. There is also the chance the mercs will be busy when the next attack happens.


So that’s what they spend their income from mining permits on. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I thought on exotic dancers or dolphins or something. You learn something new every day. :slight_smile:


Yeah, once the mods get rid of you, im sure we will all sigh with relief.

HAHAHAHA “Dont have the funds”. Gankers arent stingy with ISK, and weve got plenty of it. Youre confusing them with Anti-gankers.

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Lol, yes keep thinking that.

Btw your first reply was the trollest toll reply I have ever heard. Talk about trying to spin a new story but all the same thxs for your input


Apparently Kane has an exotic dancers outfit he puts on for extra isk , not sure about animal costumes.

So if it’s not the gankers buying all the exotic dancers , who could it be as the supply is very low, I’m sure there’s no need to panic buy :flushed:

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You sure has an alternative take on “trolling” my good sir!

How will they ever financially recover from losing a few unfit raitarus and hiring a few mercs to see off a few t1 taloses?

As much as I love the irony of some people shooting defenseless structures with T1 throwaway ships because they’re ideologically opposed to people shooting defenseless haulers with T1 throwaway ship, there’s not even a good BR here.

Posting receipts because op is a tease

If these guys are as bad as you say, why not up the ante and bring them and their mercs a proper fight?


Edit: Nvm my post, I completely misunderstood the OP’s post intentions

we spend it on monocles

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Its not the anti-gankers spending hundreds of millions of isk per gank just to take down an empty freighter.

So unless you have, you know, actual arguments or evidence, what I think is actually the case, yes.

Of course youd say that. Easier to just pass it off as “troll” than it is to admit you didnt really do any damage.

Oh cool something happen that people who hate ganking said was impossible.

Does this also count as the fabled “comeback” Ive heard so much about?

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Got any quotes?

And do you think that all or most gankers own stations?

And do you think its lone gank victims that rise up and destroy stations alone?

And do you think newbros that get ganked can get that sort of revenge in a reasonable time frame?

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Thanks for posting , stuck in real right now , just to be clear me or my corp never took part in this , it’s out side our time zone , I was just congratulating those that did.

What ever the effect on ganker be it one less monocle or what ever they put up 5 and now they have 2, as for the attackers they picked up 3 cores for there troubles.

So as an anti-ganker I was pleased by these facts , not a made up stores or any attacks on people’s persuasions, just facts that a group of players played eve and kill 3 stations.
Black flag also got some content by saving 2 , so I’m sure they are happy .

I hope next time this is planned we can take part , it shows there is a point in standing up to griefers, resistance isn’t futile.

As ganker have lots of isk we always know that groups like black flag will be hired to ,when they can, to hunt us down.
Which often puzzles me, because I’m told constantly ag has no effect. :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:.

Last point : gankers are weak and fragmented . Five years ago gankers would have defended these stations and used their own mercs to fight off any attackers , they are a shadow of what was and living of a reputation of fear.
Their reign of Terror is coming to an end , Join Us NOW

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Where did I say any of that


That said Ill indulge, even though its just bait for a big whiny trollscreed from you as normal (which is why I dont usually reply to you at all):

What stations? No one mentioned any stations. And you cant own a station.

Githany didnt do this on their own. Where did I say they did? Quote me bro.

Yes,they join Githany’s squad.


To be fair most don’t. Just the odd member are ex-gank victims. :frowning:. Our members come from people seeing it happen to others and fan boys who want to fly with me.
Haha joking on that last point…

Yeah but you dont turn “new players” away right? The opportunity is there should they want.
I didnt even mention new players in the first place, it has to be said, that was The Riddler’s invention.

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