When wil we get Drifter Ships?

Title says it.

It’s now seven years, since the first drifter contact.

To speak in lore:
Thousands of Drifter ships have ben destroyed. It is absolutely certain that every research facility and every faction did get their hands on Drifter technology.

So where are these Ships, Modules, Weapons and Skills?

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give 15 more years when the jove get there star gates back then we get driffter ships

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CCP devs don’t play EvE, so they probably don’t know Drifters exist.

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they proable think that sleapers are a myth

Is that a “never” or more a “how could we know”?

more of a we have no idea if we will

Is CCP really so quiet about upcoming content? Are there no insights or at least rumors about what to expect?

Frostpacker would like to deploy difter nets on asteroid belts to gather ore (new design) after the soon to be released Drifter Trawlers.

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I’m just gonna leave this here so others can drool too.

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